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Starfield Evil Companion: Yearning For Darker Allies

In Starfield, there’s a noticeable absence of companions explicitly designed to support an evil or morally questionable playstyle.

Most companions tend to uphold moral values and disapprove of actions like theft or violence against innocent characters.

Most companions uphold moral values and disapprove of actions like theft or violence against innocent characters. But, the desire for evil companions stems from a desire for varied gameplay styles, enhanced immersion, increased replayability, opportunities for conflict and drama, and the freedom to align with different character personalities and preferences.

Continue reading if you are interested in the evil companions and changes they would bring to Starfield.

What Are Starfield Companion?

Starfield companions are characters in the Starfield video game who join the player on their journey through space.

These companions assist and support the player character during various in-game activities, including combat and exploration.

sarah morgan a good companion
Sarah Morgan, a companion in Starfield.

Players can join them on their journeys, and these companions typically possess distinct personalities, skills, and abilities.

Companions enhance the gameplay experience by offering dialogue interactions, combat assistance, and even contributing to the storyline.

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Are There Any Evil Companion In Starfield?

No companions in Starfield are explicitly evil or supportive of morally questionable actions.

Most of the companions in the game lean towards morally upright behavior.

The absence of evil companions in Starfield might be a design choice by the game developers.

They may have prioritized creating morally upright companions to fit the game’s narrative or themes.

Some players have expressed a desire for companions who are more accepting of such actions.

But as of now, there isn’t a dedicated evil companion available in the game.

Why Do Fans Want Evil Companion In Starfield?

Fans want evil companions in Starfield for several reasons:

1. Diverse Gameplay Styles

Some players enjoy role-playing as morally ambiguous or villainous characters in RPGs.

Having evil companions would provide different playstyles and allow for more varied storytelling.

2. Enhanced Immersion

Evil companions can add depth to the game world by reflecting its moral complexities.

They can provide contrasting perspectives, making the game feel more immersive and realistic.

3. Replayability

Companion alignments in Starfield offer replayability, allowing players to delve into diverse storylines.

These missions would be designed for players who want to delve into the game’s more sinister elements and themes.

4. Conflict and Drama

Evil companions can introduce conflict and drama within the player’s group.

Leading to intriguing narratives and character dynamics that keep players engaged and invested in the story.

5. Player Freedom

Introducing evil companions grants players the freedom to make choices that align with their character’s personality and preferences.

This promotes a stronger sense of agency and ownership over their in-game actions.

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What Impact Would Evil Companion Have If Added In Starfield?

If evil companions were to be implemented in the game, they would have changed the game in the following ways:

1. Morally Ambiguous Actions

Evil companions could engage in morally questionable actions like theft, deception, or violence against both enemies and innocents.

Their willingness to participate in such activities might be higher than other companions.

2. Conflict with Good Companions

The presence of evil companions could lead to conflicts and tension within the player’s group.

Good-aligned companions might disapprove of their actions and challenge the player’s decisions, creating interesting interpersonal dynamics.

3. Alternative Quests

Having evil companions could unlock unique questlines that revolve around criminal activities, power struggles, or morally gray objectives.

These quests would cater to players interested in exploring the darker aspects of the game world.

4. Consequences for Reputation

Associating with evil companions might affect the player’s reputation in the game world.

They could become known for their nefarious actions, leading to different reactions from NPCs, factions, and authorities.

5. Character Development

Evil companions could undergo character development arcs where they struggle with their own morality and the consequences of their actions.

This adds depth to their personalities and allows players to influence their alignment through their choices and interactions.

The Bottom Line

In Starfield, there’s a noticeable absence of companions explicitly designed to support an evil or morally questionable playstyle.

If evil companions were added, they might engage in morally ambiguous actions such as theft and deception.

Developers often consider player feedback and preferences when making updates or expansions.

So, it’s possible that Bethesda Game Studio may consider it for future updates or content expansions.

These changes would enrich the overall gaming experience.

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