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How To Use The Console Command For Money In Starfield?

Starfield allows players to use the console command for infinite money, inventories and other abilities.

Using the command will help players have an unimaginable gaming experience.

The Starfield Console Command for Money is a player.additem 0000000F (Amount). Players must use the Tilde key(~) to enter the command.

Continue reading to discover the money console command and its benefits in Starfield.

What Is Starfiled Console Command?

Starfield Console Command allows players to activate multiple cheats in the game when using the PC.

The console command is not recommended for players who want to complete a mission or progress through games independently.

Nonetheless, it is a decent choice for players who want to get billions of money or activate the God mode to progress faster.

There are hundreds of console commands for items, characters, NPCs, Locations, Weapons, Skills and Traits.

Moreover, the command for each item or character is unique, so players must know every command to activate the cheat.

What Is Starfield Money Console Command?

The Money Console Command is pretty much similar to all other commands in Starfield.

However, the command ID for all of the items is unique.

The Console command allows players to get an infinite amount of money.

The ID to get the money in the game is 0000000F, and the command is the player.additem 0000000F [#].

Players should replace the [#] with the total credits players want.

Using The Money Console Command In Starfield

If players are willing to deploy chat using the console command in the computer, follow the procedures below:

1. Launch The Game

Any players who have progressed through games or are relatively new can activate any console command.

Further, the commands are not viable to any consoles, so try using a PC to take full advantage.

Lastly, players should launch the game and head to any game mode or event.

Start the Starfield game on the PC.

2. Use The Button

After players enter the game, it is now time to activate the cheat to gain infinite credits.

However, players should initially add a prompt to start using the codes.

Players should enter the tilde key (~) when playing the game.

Moreover, the button is located right below the esc (Escape button).

3. Activate The Console Command

After using the tilde key, a space to deploy the command will appear.

Ensure to use the 0000000F [#] and replace [#] with any sum of money players want.

In addition, to earn a million credits, players must enter player.additem 0000000F 1000000 command.

Entering the money console command.

Likewise, players can obtain hundreds to billions of credits any once without playing a mission or progressing through games.

A message will appear at the top right after players use commands like items, weapons, or credits.

Message for the added credits.

After obtaining a large chunk of money, players have multiple options to spend it.

Players can get the Best Class C Ships, the most expensive ship, and customize or upgrade their home ship.

Moreover, players can also own properties on different planets and locations in Starfield.

Neon sleep crates, New Atlantis well apartment and Akila City stretch home are some possible options.

The Bottom Line

The console command for money is player.additem 0000000F (Amount), where players can obtain millions of credits.

Adding the money provides advantages for in-game progression, owning various properties and buying the best ships in Starfield.

Moreover, there are also other commands for other items, characters, NPCs and more.

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