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Can You Keep Hurst’s Ship In Starfield?

Players have been asking the question “Can you keep Hurst’s ship in Starfield” which is Governor Hurst’s ship.

Governor Glen Hurst is a political character in the video game Starfield who plays a significant role in the game’s story.

Also, players can encounter him in several missions and events.

Players cannot keep Governor Hurst’s ship in Starfield. However, players can acquire it by completing the quest.

This article discusses Governor Hurst, including whether or not you can keep Governor Hurst’s ship in Starfield.

Who Is Governor Hurst In Starfield?

Hurst is a crooked and dishonest person who is the governor of Mars’ Cydonia area.

Governor Hurst
Governor Hurst is an intriguing character in Starfield.

Upon completing the Red Tape Runaround mission, the player first meets Hurst.

The player aims to take a parcel from Hurst’s ship in this quest.

Hurst says the package was taken, but the player quickly discovers that Hurst was the one who stole it.

Some Facts About Governor Hurst In Starfiled

The following are some facts about Governor Hurst in Starfield:

  • He is in charge of Mars’ Cydonia sector.
  • He is a dishonest person.
  • Moreover, he took a parcel and requested the participant return it.
  • The player can negotiate with the Crimson Fleet, burn his ship, or blackmail him.
  • If the player strikes a deal with the Crimson Fleet, they will hand over evidence against Hurst and permit them to explore the ship.
  • Whatever the player decides to do, Hurst will be exposed as a dishonest person.

Furthermore, depending on their choices and actions, the player may have to deal with him directly or indirectly.

Also, the player may have to fight against or cooperate with his ship.

He is also a contentious figure who is opposed and criticized by other groups and factions.

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Introduction To Red Tape Runaround Quest In Starfield

The Red Tape Runaround quest is a side quest in Starfield.

Peter Brennan, a mining executive attempting to get a shipment of equipment approved, gives this mission to the player.

Before speaking with Governor Hurst, the player must report to work for Peter Brennan first.

Hurst asserts that Peter’s unpaid taxes are the reason for the delay in equipment shipment.

If the player can locate his stolen ship and eliminate the pirates who stole it, he will give them the shipment.

The player can discover that Hurst is collaborating with the pirate group Crimson Fleet by completing the mission Red Tape Runaround.

Fighting the Crimson Fleet
Fighting the Crimson Fleet in Starfield.

The UC SysDef is transporting a package that the Crimson Fleet is attempting to steal.

The participant can aid the UC SysDef in stopping the Crimson Fleet or assist Hurst and the Crimson Fleet in stealing the package.

Moreover, players can decide to punish Hurst for his misdeeds depending on the player’s decisions during this quest.

Hurst will be taken into custody and prosecuted with treason if the player aids the UC SysDef.

However, Hurst will get away with his crimes and carry them out if the player aids him and the Crimson Fleet.

Whether Or Not You Can Keep Hurst Ship In Starfield?

Players cannot keep Governor Hurst’s ship in Starfield. Because it is a quest item, you cannot buy or keep the ship.

You get a task to retrieve a parcel from Governor Hurst’s ship in the quest Red Tape Runaround.

You have three options: sabotage, extortion, or bargaining with the Crimson Fleet to keep the ship.

The Crimson Fleet will provide you with evidence against Hurst.

Additionally, it lets you roam the ship if you choose to deal with them, but you won’t be able to keep the ship.

You can find a brand-new ship as a reward for finishing a mission or buy one from a shipyard if you need one.

Here are some options for handling Governor Hurst’s ship:

  • The most straightforward choice is to destroy the ship, but this won’t benefit you in any way.
  • Blackmailing Hurst will earn you some points and improve your reputation, but it will also turn Hurst against you.
  • Negotiate the Crimson Fleet, where you’ll get evidence against Hurst and be free to roam the ship, but you won’t be able to keep the ship.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is totally on you What you do with Governor Hurst’s ship in Starfield.

There is no exact right or wrong answer, as you can destroy the ship, threaten Hurst, or bargain with the Crimson fleet.

However, the outcome will depend on your playstyle and choices.

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