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United Colonies Vs. Freestar Collective: Whom To Choose?

Players can have difficulty selecting one side of the United Colonies vs. the Freestar Collective.

These are the types of factions of the Starfield game.

If players are confused about choosing one faction in United Colonies vs. Freestar Collectives, United Colonies is probably the best option. It allows users to join the Vanguard and is the Galaxy’s central force. 

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What Are Factions In Starfield?

Factions are the organizational groups that occur in multiple aspects while progressing the missions.

All those organizations have a unique identity and inhabit a particular zone.

Moreover, the factions will influence the players and the progression through games.

In Starfield, players must choose the Constellation, the compulsory faction; others are non-mandatory.

Players joining any group will receive a few advantages, including the resources and buying the inventories.

Players can also choose multiple factions simultaneously, which may hamper relationships with others.

To join the organization in Starfield is not much of a hassle.

Players can join them with an essential interaction with the organization’s members.

Moreover, players can also see the mission and faction mission sections to complete the quest.

This will grant players exclusive rewards and additional benefits.

Discover United Colonies And Freestar Collective

The Starfield games also allow users to choose multiple six factions in the current edition.

Before the latest edition of Starfield, players only had to choose from two factions, Imperials and Stormcloaks.

The United Colonies and Freestar collective are two of Starfield’s six factions.

The other four factions are Constellation, Crimson Fleat, Ryujin Industries and Xenofresh Corporation.

However, the United Colonies and Freestar Collective are regarded as two of the best in the game.

Unfortunately, they both have colliding interests, so joining them might not be a great idea.

In contrast, players are facing a dilemma in selecting one side.

Selecting any side will have a fair share of positives and negatives in future events.

What Is the United Colonies?

The United Colonies in Starfield is a type of Allegiance group.

The organization occupies the territory of the Alpha Centauri System.

Moreover, the base location of the United Colony is New Atlantis, Jemison.

It is also one of the major factions with a peaceful nature and is full of military groups.

Militaries in the United Colonies Faction.

Players can join the faction by approaching Sarah Morgan, the in-game companion.

They can get additional information about the United Conies Vanguard.

Further, players can also approach Commander Juan Thala for the initial mission.

If players approve the application, they can continue the first mission: Supra Elt Ultra.

Players have to proceed with exams and agreement to be listed as the official member of the faction.

Players can also play other missions, including Grunt Work, Eyewitness and War Relics.

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What Is Freestar Collective?

The Freestar Collective also belongs to the Allegiance factions. 

Moreover, the Freestar influences the Star system in Destiny 2, called the Cheyenne System.

The location consists of Asteroids, Moons and Planets.

In addition, Akila City, Akila is the faction’s base location.

Akila City, the base of Free Collectives.

Players should progress through the main storyline to start with the Freestar collective.

After reaching the Empty Nests location, players have two options to choose from.

One is playing Job Gone Wrong, whereas the other is Deputized.

Upon completing the quest, they will receive a tag of Freestart Ranger.

Players can also be a Freestar ranger for enhanced security so they can track fugitives.

Further, players can inform about additional tasks with another ranger called Emma Wilcox.

Choosing the Frestar collective also gives access to multiple missions.

The missions with the highest rewards are the Hammer Falls, On the Run and Surgical Strikes.

Selection: United Colonies Vs. Freestar Collective

The preference all comes down to the player’s nature and progression in the game.

However, there is an entity that differentiates one faction from the other.

Both United Conies and Freestart are the major factions and fall under the Allegiance group.

If players are willing to join the Vanguard, the United Colonies should be the top priority.

Also, joining the group can guarantee citizenship and create their own Battleship Galactica Larp.

 The United Colonies is filled with the likes of Marines, the powerful military settled system.

Moreover, the constellation faction is also located in this area and is also the Galaxy’s central force.

This will give players an unmatched experience and higher rewards and bonuses over other factions.

On the other hand, players can also choose the Freestar Collectives.

It is the complete opposite of the United Colonies.

They are often described as the space Western fantasy focusing on personal freedom. 

The Freestar collectives seem to have a limited organization to choose from, and the mission isn’t entirely promising.

The Bottom Line

Players should choose the United Colonies over the Freestyle Collectives in Starfield 2.

The United Colonies allows players to be a Vanguard and is a significant force of the Galaxy.

Further, players can also choose both organizational groups.

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