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Last Epoch SSF (Solo Self Found) Mode: Find A Stash Chest

For some players, the Last Epoch offers a more challenging and rewarding experience: the Solo Self-Found (SSF) mode.

In this mode, players can only use the items and materials they find or craft.

Significantly, they don’t have to trade or party with other players or characters.

Continue reading and explore SSF mode in the Last Epoch and its types.

The SSF Mode In Last Epoch

In Last Epoch, there is a mode called Solo Self Found (SSF), which is similar to the concept of SSF in other games. 

The SSF mode in Last Epoch is a more strict version of SSF than other games.

In solo mode, each Character has a stash of crafting materials and cannot trade or party with other players or characters. 

You can switch to normal mode anytime, but you will lose access to your Solo stash and materials.

Solo mode is designed to make the loot more exciting and challenging and to allow for class-specific leaderboards.

Some players prefer Solo mode, while others enjoy the flexibility of account-bound SSF or normal mode.

Contrarily, it depends on your personal preference and playstyle. 

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Types Of SSF Mode In The Last Epoch

There are two types of SSF mode in Last Epoch: character-bound and account-bound. 

1. Character Bound SSF

 In Last Epoch, when you play in SSF mode, anything you find on a character can only be used and seen by that Character. 

It’s a strictly solo experience where each Character has its stash.

ssf last epoch
SSF mode in Last Epoch is a more strict version of SSF than other games.

2. Account Bound SSF

 Some players prefer an account-bound SSF mode, similar to Path of Exile’s.

 In this version, you can see everything you find on your account in the SSF league and used by any character you have in that league.

3. Drop Rates And Balance

The game is generally balanced around SSF, and drop rates have not been tweaked explicitly for SSF mode.

So, whether you choose character-bound or account-bound SSF, the core gameplay remains challenging and rewarding.

How To Play SSF Mode In Last Epoch?

To play SSF mode in Last Epoch, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Launch the game and select Create Character.
  2. Choose your class, appearance, and name for your Character.
  3. Check the box that says Solo under the character name. This will enable the SSF mode for this Character.
  4. Click Create and start your adventure.
To access your stash in SSF mode, you need to find a stash chest.

How To Access Stash In SSF Mode?

To access your stash in SSF mode, you need to find a stash chest in the game world.

These chests are usually located near waypoints or towns, with a blue glow around them.

You can interact with the stash chest by pressing E or clicking on it.

This will open your stash window, where you can store and sort your items.

Generally, the stash has 6 storage tabs, each with a 10 x 10 grid of slots.

You can rename and color-code your tabs to organize your items.

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