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Starfield Lazarus Plant Decision: A Complete Guide

Lazarus plant is a powerful and terrifying plant that can help the heat leech grow in Starfield.

The Heat Leech grows to become a terrifying Terromorph due to the Lazarus plant.

You need to make decisions regarding the Lazarus plant in a quest.

Lazarus plant is a powerful plant that can transform Heat Leeches into Terrormorphs. The decision to keep the Lazarus Plant or remove its existence in Starfield is completely up to the players’ choice.

This article will discuss the Lazarus Plant and the decision surrounding the plant.

What Is The Lazarus Plant?

The Lazarus plant is dangerous and powerful.

The plant is present in the Londinion Steam Tunnel of New Atlantis City.

Lazarus Plant Starfield
The powerful and terrifying plant, Lazarus Plant.

You first find the truth about this plant on the Hostile Intelligence quest.

In addition, the plant cannot be cultivated anywhere else but Londinion.

The Lazarus plant helps to grow the Heat Leech into a Terrormorph.

Lazarus Plant Decision Starfield
Lazarus Plant is first encountered on Londinion.

Furthermore, this plant can speed up the process of the small Leech to turn into a Terrormorph.

Lazarus Plant Terrormorph
Lazarus Plant helps to speed up the process of growth of Terrormorph.

Additionally, there is no other plant that can do this.

It is quite fascinating how the plant can be part of the devastation in New Atlantis.

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A Legacy Forged Quest Of Starfield

A Legacy Forged is one of the last missions in the United Colonies of Starfield.

The Terrormorph attack on New Atlantis was planned.

But the truth about the attack was yet to be unveiled.

During this quest, you will finally know who was responsible for the attack.

There are the following parts of the quest:

  1. Talk to Vae Victis
  2. Speak With Major Hadrian Sanon
  3. Address the Cabinet

You can use the intercom on the white table to interact with Vae Victis on his cell.

During your interaction with Vae Victis, he will confess to the attack on New Atlantis.

Vae Victis Starfield
Vae Victis is a person who attacked New Atlantis City with Terrormorph.

Therefore, it was Vae Victis all along who was responsible for the Terrormorphs attack.

In addition, he was the first person to discover the potential of the Lazarus plant.

He also gives you the idea of blaming Dr. Reginald Orlase instead of him.

So, now you have two choices: to tell the truth about Vae Victis or lie and blame the already dead Orlase.

Option 1: Lie And Blame Orlase

After interacting with Vae Victis, you must interact with his daughter, Major Hadrian Sanon.

She already has doubts about her father, but you have the option to lie.

Major Saron Starfield
Major Saron helps to tell the Cabinet about the decision.

The news will shock them when you tell her and the Cabinet about Orlase.

The Cabinet will thank you for finding the right guy.

In addition, they will ask you your opinion about killing Terrormorphs through Aceles or Microbes.

Additionally, they will be in a dilemma about the Lazarus Plant.

Option 2: Tell The Truth About Vae Victis

If you decide to tell the truth about Vae Victis, Major Hadrian will be sure about her doubts.

It will shock the Cabinet to hear either news.

Furthermore, the Cabinet will send the recording to investigate further.

Correspondingly, Vae Victis will be taken for interrogation and investigation.

The Cabinet and your fellow companions will be thankful for whichever option you choose.

Additionally, the UC cabinet will make you a Class One citizen, whichever option you choose.

Players are surprised that the bigger matter of discussion is the decision on Terrormorphs, not the Lazarus plant.

Reddit Lazarus Plant Decision Starfield
A Reddit player was confused about the decision of Lazarus Plant.

You have the helping hand to decide on the Lazarus plant.

Furthermore, you can either remove all traces of the Lazarus plant or keep the natural wonder alive and a secret.

The opinions of your companion on this matter will be the deciding point for the Cabinet.

Again, deciding what to do with the Lazarus plant is entirely up to you.

Hence, it is a personal choice and will not affect much gameplay.

The Bottom Line

The Lazarus plant is powerful and terrifying in Starfield.

Additionally, the plant has the power to transform Heat Leeches into Terromorphs.

You have to decide on the plant during A Legacy Forged quest.

Therefore, play along and decide the future of the United Colonies and New Atlantis City.

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