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Mark 1 Vs. Mantis: Which Is Better In Starfield?

Players in Starfield can get their hands on a wide range of equipment.

The Spacesuit is the most essential equipment ensuring players’ survivability in combat and safe exploration in Starfield.

In Starfield, there are plenty of spacesuits for players to choose from.

Among them, Mark 1 and Mantis are some of the best suits players can obtain in early games.

Mark 1 Vs. Mantis are the best spacesuits in Starfield. However, Mark 1 is better than Mantis compared to its base stats. At the same time, Mantis is the legendary spacesuit and provides a bonus effect beyond its base stats.

This article will compare and contrast the Mark 1 Vs. Mantis spacesuits of Starfield.

What Is Spacesuit In Starfield?

Spacesuits are like the armor that allows players to survive in combat and the harsh environments of the various planets.

There are quite a few spacesuits with unique traits and abilities.

Furthermore, players can obtain this spacesuit by doing or completing some specific quest.

They mostly contain different stats like Physical, EM and Energy Damage Resistance.

Moreover, these stats determine the level of the spacesuits.

Additionally, some spacesuits are categorized as legendary, spawning with random legendary effects.

Also, you can get this armor available in the early game.

Getting it will make you think you cheated the system.

Here are some of the best spacesuits we have included on the list below;

  • Starborn Spacesuit Venator
  • Starborn Spacesuits Astra
  • Mark I Spacesuit
  • Gran-Gran’s Marine Armor
  • Mantis Spacesuit
  • Monster Costume

What Is Mark I Spacesuit?

Mark I is the best early-game spacesuit you can get after joining Constellation Faction.

You can find the best early-game physical, energy, and electromagnetic damage resistance stats in Starfield.

Here are the stats of Mark I Spacesuit;

VALUE 35410

You can get Mark 1 Spacesuit after completing the main quest, One Small Step.

It is not hard if you are willing to look hard enough.

Mark 1 can be found in the basement of The Lodge, Constellation’s home base in New Atlantis.

It is locked up inside a display cabinet.

Moreover, players must be ranked three on the Security skill since the cabinet has a Master tier lock.

Mark 1
Players can find the Mark I on a Mannequin inside a cabinet.

However, players have found a method to get the suit early in the game without opening the lock.

Then, you will have a Spacesuit with over 120 defenses on all three core fronts.

This spacesuit also includes excellent thermal and radiation resistance.

Once you grab this, you can easily survive the late game of Starfield.

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What Is Mantis Spacesuit?

This suit is one of the most attractive spacesuits you can acquire early in Starfield.

Furthermore, it is also one of the best suits in the game.

Here are the stats of Mantis Spacesuit;


It also provides a significant modification to make Starfield’s one of the finest gear sets.

Complete the ‘Lair of the Mantis’ side quest to get this spacesuit.

Besides, this quest is unlocked after the “Secret Outpost” Datapad drops from a Sapcer randomly. 

After you complete this quest, you will eventually get the Mantise suit and Razorleaf ship.

Mark 1 Vs. Mantis: Major Differences

Mark 1 and Mantis Spacesuit are some of the best suits in the game.

Although they have similar defensive stats, there are some differences between these two spacesuits.

The Mark 1 has few higher defensive stats than the Mantis, making Mark 1 a better choice during the battle.

While Mantis has a unique look and provides bonus effects that the Mark I don’t have.

Mark 1 Vs Mantis
Players can increase the equipment stats by equipping other armor parts like Helmets and packs.

However, players can get the Mark 1 spacesuit right at the start of the game.

This ensures Mark 1 gets the early attention in the game.

The Bottom Line

Mark 1 and Mantis are part of the equipment known as Spacesuit in Starfield.

Mark 1 can be accommodating while fighting with people. Mantis Spacesuit is also helpful in battle.

However, its stats are lower than Mark 1, which can reduce the players’ survivability in the battle.

However, the Mantis can be a good choice if players want to add the bonus effects.

Therefore, choosing the spacesuit depends on the players’ playstyle and level.

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