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Matsura The Grim Starfield: Should You Spare Him?

Matsura the Grim in Starfield is the captain of the Crimson Fleet.

When the player character encounters Matsura for the first time on Kreet, they will find Barrett as a hostage.

You will encounter Matsura the Grim in Starfield as the captain of the Crimson Fleet, and when you first meet him on Kreet, you’ll find Barrett held hostage, leading to various options to secure Barrett’s release, shaping your journey in the game.

In this article, we will discuss Matsura’s The Grim in Starfield and how to deal with him.

Who Is Matsura The Grim In Starfield?

Matsura the Grim in Starfield is the captain of the Crimson Fleet.

The Crimson Fleet is a notorious pirate gang operating in the Settled Systems region of Starfield.

He and his crew are based on the asteroid Kreet in the Freestar Collective system.

However, Matsura is a ruthless and cunning leader who strikes fear into many.

He spreads fear with his pirate raids on colonies and merchant ships.

Additionally, he has a softer side and enjoys the company of his friend Barrett.

matsura the grim
Matsura the Grim in Starfield is the captain of the Crimson Fleet.

Barrett is often seen by Matsura’s side discussing their adventures across the stars.

Despite his fearsome reputation, Matsura values his friendship with Barrett greatly.

However, when the player character encounters Matsura for the first time on Kreet, they will find Barrett as a hostage.

Therefore, it is up to the player to find a way to negotiate Barrett’s safe release from Matsura’s clutches.

Where To Find Matsura The Grim?

To find Matsura the Grim, players must first travel to the Freestar Collective system.

You can do this by directly plotting a course from any space station or colony to the system.

Upon arriving at Freestar Collective, the asteroid Kreet will be visible.

Then, land your ship on the indicated landing pad near Matsura’s pirate base.

You will be met by hostile Crimson Fleet guards who will demand you state your business.

At this point, players should explain they are looking for Matsura to take Barrett, who they heard.

The guards will escort you inside the base to an open room where Matsura and Barrett can be found.

Further, Matsura will be standing with Barrett, who is being held at cutlass-point by another pirate.

This is where players can initiate dialogue with Matsura to negotiate Barrett’s release.

Who Is Barrett?

Barrett is an adventurous sort who enjoys exploring Starfield’s frontier colonies and systems alongside his friend Matsura.

Matsura is the feared captain of the Crimson Fleet pirates.

But with Barrett, he shows a more optimistic side to his personality.

In turn, Matsura protects Barrett and the two share a strong bond of friendship.

However, on the day the player encounters them, Barrett has managed to get himself captured.

Now, it is up to the player to help negotiate his release from Matsura’s grasp.

Continue reading to discover if you should deal with the Crimson Fleet Captain.

Persuade Matsura The Grim To Free Barrett In Starfield

Through careful dialogue, it may be possible to persuade Matsura to release Barrett without conflict or cost.

You can appeal to Matsura’s friendship with Barrett by following these steps:

  1. Point out that they have been through much together.
  2. They’ve worked as allies long and do not want to part on bad terms.
  3. Make it clear that Barrett sometimes gets him into scrapes, but he means no actual harm.
  4. Remind Matsura that life among the Crimson Fleet would feel empty without his companion.

With enough charisma and argument, you can sway Matsura.

He acknowledges that while the player’s arrival was unexpected, as friends of Barrett, they must have his best interests at heart.

Thus, Matsura declares he has no real quarrel with Barrett or his new companion.

A true friend and captain look out for his own, so Matsura will let Barrett go with a warning to stay out of trouble.

Barrett thanks his friend for understanding, as always, and the player can depart with their new ally in tow.

Pay Credits To Free Barrett

If diplomacy fails, the player’s next option is to pay Matsura’s ransom of 4000 Credits.

While a hefty sum for a new player’s wallet is cheaper than starting a fight.

The player states they have the requested Credits and are willing to hand them over in exchange for Barrett’s safe return.

Matsura laughs and says while Credits may talk, he was hoping for a bit more entertainment in the form of a fight.

However, Barrett insists that his friend, Matsura, take the money and let him go without incident.

Credits are Credits, after all, and 4000 will buy plenty of provisions and repairs for his ship.

He has the player hand over the payment and then shoves Barrett in their direction, warning them not to return unless they want round two.

Barrett bids his friend farewell, and the player leaves Kreet with their mission accomplished.

Allow Sarah To Intervene

Sarah is the player’s companion from Constellation.

If diplomacy and ransom have failed, the final option is to allow her to intervene on their behalf.

Sarah introduces herself as an agent of Constellation, one of the most potent factions in the Settled Systems.

She informs Matsura that Constellation has been tracking his pirate activities.

She warns him it does not take kindly to Crimson Fleet raids on colonies under their protection.

However, in this case, Sarah is willing to let the matter drop – this time.

She explains to Matsura that Constellation has access to considerable funds.

They use funds to deal with situations like this and will pay to secure Barrett’s release.

Matsura hesitates, not eager to appear weak but unwilling to test Constellation’s might.

After a moment, he nods in agreement and shoves Barrett towards Sarah and the player, warning them not to overstay their welcome.

Thanks to Sarah’s timely assistance, the mission is successful without bloodshed.

Attack The Crimson Fleet

If all else fails and the player has exhausted all options to negotiate or pay for Barrett’s release, their final choice is to attack Matsura and the Crimson Fleet.

A firefight immediately emerges as Matsura draws his dagger and orders his men to engage.

The player and their companions must battle through the pirate base, neutralizing the hostile threats.

Matsura proves a formidable opponent himself in close-quarters combat.

However, the player gains the upper hand with skill, determination, and perhaps a well-placed grenade.

As Matsura lies wounded, the player has a choice – finish him off or show mercy.

kill matsura the grim
As Matsura lies wounded, the player has a choice – finish him off or show mercy.

If they choose the latter, they will impress Matsura with their strength and grit.

He allows Barrett to leave unharmed, warning that they won’t be so lucky next time.

While not the ideal solution, the player has still succeeded in rescuing Barrett from the Crimson Fleet through combat.

The Bottom Line

To locate Matsura, players must travel to the Freestar Collective system and confront Crimson Fleet guards on the asteroid Kreet.

In Starfield, choices matter, shaping the outcome of encounters like the one with Matsura and determining the player’s path through the Settled Systems.

Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you will be able to deal with Matsura the Grim in Starfield.

Happy Gaming!

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