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Soul Reaver Outfit In RS3: How To Unlock It?

The Soul Reaver Regalia is a cosmetic override costume in RS3 that can be obtained through Treasure Hunter’s Soul Showdown campaign.

The costume is intended to highlight the Soul Reaver Regalia and may be obtained in the game.

Therefore, some players voiced unhappiness with the look of the outfit.

Continue reading to learn about the soul reaver outfit, how to obtain it, and the roles of outfit in RS3.

What Is Soul Reaver Outfit In RS3?

The Soul Reaver Regalia costume in RuneScape is made up of five pieces:

  • The Soul Reaver Crown
  • Robe Top
  • Robe Bottom
  • Gloves
  • Boots

The costume is a cosmetic overlay intended to highlight the Soul Reaver Regalia. 


soul reaver outfit
The outfit on the left is for males and on the right is for females.

Therefore, it offers no in-game perks or advantages to the player wearing it.

There are five components and non-recolorable features in the Soul Reaver Outfit.

Furthermore, the Ghul Lantern is used to showcase the Soul Reaver Regalia outfit.

Therefore, it is located east of the Burthorpe lodestone next to the Ghul Invoker

Rasial’s Vault store sells the Soul Reaver Boots for two of Rasial’s sigils, a currency earned by spending treasure hunter keys.

How To Unlock Soul Reaver Outfit In RS3?

Treasure Hunter’s Soul Showdown promotion unlocks the Soul Reaver Regalia costume in RuneScape.

The costume may be displayed in the game and is accessible for a limited time, usually during the Soul Showdown event.

Some players have questioned the outfit’s in-game look, claiming that it is too dark and comparable to other Umbral outfits.

Alternate textures for the forthcoming Soul Reaver clothing have been published on social media, providing a distinct appearance for gamers.

soul reaver outfit latern
Alternative design for Soul Reaver Outfit.

Comparison With Other Outfits

The Soul Reaver outfit in RuneScape is a cosmetic override, making it impossible to compare to other cosmetic overrides in the game.

However, in terms of design, the costume is comparable to other outfits in RuneScape 3 like this:

  1. Darkness: Some players have commented that the clothing is exceedingly dark, and the robes mimic any Umbral suit.
  2. Unique qualities: The Soul Reaver costume lacks any distinguishing qualities that set it apart from the other clothes in the game.
soul reaver outfit reddit
Discussion on Reddit about the Soul Reaver Outfit.

It is important to note that the costume is only available for a limited period, usually during the Soul Showdown campaign.

Roles Of Outfit In RS3

Outfits play an important role visually and functionally in RuneScape 3 (RS3).

Here are some significant features of outfits in RS3:

1. Aesthetics

Outfits may be used to personalize a player’s avatar, allowing them to reflect their style and preferences. 

Some players may wear costumes that match their character model, while others may prefer more unusual or eye-catching styles.

2. Elite Skilling Outfits

When worn, these clothes give distinct training boosts for various talents.

Each outfit provides an experience increase when training the appropriate skill if the accompanying parts are present.

3. Experience-Boosting Outfits

Most abilities come with an experience-boosting outfit that raises experience gain by 5 or 6% when worn.

Therefore, you can get these costumes through minigames and specific skilling places.

4. Add-ons

Some clothes include head-slot add-ons, which can improve their appearance and usefulness.

Additionally, the add-ons might make the outfit look unique and cool.

5. FashionScape Outfits

Players may show off their creative ensembles on forums and social media channels.

Therefore, they may be exhibiting their particular style and inventiveness inside the game.

In summary, costumes in RS3 serve both practical and aesthetic objectives.

Therefore, it allows players to improve their gameplay experience while expressing their personality.

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