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How To Solve On The Run Bug In Starfield?

On the Run is an exciting mission in Starfield.

It is part of the Freestar Collective questline, a faction opposed to the United Colonies and the Ashtar Dominion.

The On The Run Bug in Starfield is a frequent issue many gamers have raised. Moreover, it appears that Mei Devine’s failure to deliver her opening remarks before the Red Mile event is to blame.

Continue reading to discover more about the mission On The Run and easy fixes to its bug in Starfield.

Introduction To On The Run Mission In Starfield

Players can access the On The Run side in mission Starfield by speaking with Jax in the Freestar Collective space station.

Jax, a former pirate group Crimson Fleet employee, is evading capture.

He would like your help in finding a means for him to leave the planet and the Freestar Collective space station.

starfield on the run bug
The Settled Systems has two interstellar governments.

To finish the quest, you must figure out how to compromise the space station’s security systems.

Moreover, you can accomplish this by identifying and deactivating the security turrets or breaking into the security mainframe.

You can also help Jax escape the space station and leave the planet once the security systems have been turned off.

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On The Run Bug In Starfield: How To Solve It?

Starfield has a mission called On the Run.

The Freestar Collective, a group that opposes the United Colonies and the Ashtar Dominion, is the focus of this questline.

Additionally, this assignment requires that you compete in a dangerous race known as the Red Mile.

In this task,  you must pilot your ship via checkpoints while dodging attackers and obstacles.

However, this task has a problem, which stops some players from finishing it.

A bug occurs when Mei Devine does not give her pre-race speech.

Further, moves back and forth between two locations without completing the next objective.

Therefore, landing on the planet where the race is intended to occur is impossible.

There are several potential fixes for the on-the-run bug in Starfield.

Moreover, these fixes depend on your platform and circumstances. Here are a few examples:

1. Race Refusal

Before accepting Mei Devine’s objective, reload a previous save.

Further, be careful to refuse her request to participate in the race by responding no.

When you ask her again, she responds, Yes, she should begin to speak.

2. Patch Solution

Await the release of a patch from Bethesda, which ought to fix this fault and other problems with the game.

You can check their official website or social media for updates on the patch release date.

3. Restart The Game

Once you’ve finished the main plot, you can restart the game and replay the mission with your current character and gear.

4. Skip Bugged Objective

Moreover, if you are playing on a PC, you can skip the bugged objective and move on to the next using a console command.

The set stage is the command, which is 001f0267 800.

However, the achievement system will be disabled, and your save will be labeled altered.

5. Travel To Another System

Last but not least, you can fast-travel to another star system and get back to find out whether the bug has been fixed.

This seems to be the easiest and quickest solution.

The Bottom Line

The On the Run bug is a thorn in the side of Starfield players, preventing them from completing the quest.

There is no known solution now, but Bethesda is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

In the meantime, players can try the workarounds mentioned in this article or contact Bethesda support for help.

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