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Explore The Abandoned Bionics Lab In Starfield

The Abandoned Bionics lab in Starfield is an explorable area with various robots and pirates.

Furthermore, the area showcases the brutality of the rogue robots and the pirates who are taking advantage of the situation.

The Abandoned Bionics lab is an area in Starfield with robots and pirates where players can find various puzzle boxes containing items in the lab.

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What Is The Abandoned Bionics Lab In Starfield?

Abandoned Bionics Lab is one of the explorable places in Starfield.

Furthermore, the lab is on one of the moons of Denebola. The players must visit Denebola I-b to get to the lab.

Exploring the area gives players a perspective on Starfield pirates.

When you first enter the lab, players will immediately notice that pirates and robots overrun the area.

The robots are killing all the previous researchers in the lab, and the pirates are looting the area.

abandoned bionics lab starfield
The lab is in Denebola I-b in Starfield.

The area does not contain any missions, but players can defeat all the enemies in the vicinity to obtain various loots from the area.

Furthermore, since the area is only for exploration purposes, players can go around the area with leisure.

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How To Complete The Abandoned Bionics Lab In Starfield?

Completing the Abandoned Bionics lab is quite simple in Starfield. All you need to do is explore the entire area and collect various materials.

While exploring, you will encounter various pirates and robots killing the researchers in the area that you must defeat.

Furthermore, you will encounter various boxes that require you to lockpick or solve puzzles.

You can simply interact with them and solve the puzzle they give you. However, not every box will require you to lockpick or solve a puzzle.

Thus, you can simply collect the items that you come across as you explore the lab.

However, do not collect materials way over your carry potential.

Additionally, players can also find materials like Helium in the area for the completion of the exploration.

Since the area has no missions, players can explore the area without worrying about completing a mission.

However, if you have undertaken a mission beforehand, make sure to complete it and then explore the lab in Denebola I-b.

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The Bottom Line

The Abandoned Bionics lab is one of the areas that players can explore leisurely because there are no missions tied to the area.

However, if the players have taken a mission, it can be a hassle due to the limited time they may have before completing the mission.

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