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Starfield Electromagnetic Damage Ship: Unleashing Non-Lethal Power

In the vast universe of Starfield, spacefarers have a unique tool at their disposal: Electromagnetic Damage Ships.

These spacecrafts are not your typical combat vessels; they specialize in non-lethal tactics.

In Starfield, Electromagnetic Damage Ship provides a non-lethal technique, allowing players to disable hostile spaceships without causing permanent damage. However, they have drawbacks such as weaker damage output than combat-focused ships, needing skill and precision to utilize successfully.

We’ll explore what makes these ships unique and when they are the right choice for your adventures in Starfield.

What Is Starfield Electromagnetic Damage Ship?

In Starfield, an Electromagnetic Damage Ship is a type of spaceship.

It has special weapons designed to disrupt or disable other ships without causing permanent harm.

Instead of destroying enemy vessels, these ships use electromagnetic energy to shut down their systems, like engines or shields temporarily.

This allows players to board or control those disabled ships.

Electromagnetic Damage Ships are handy for non-lethal approaches or hijacking missions in the game.

electromagnetic ship
EM-80 Suppressor, an Electromagnetic Damage ship.

How To Obtain An Electromagnetic Damage Ship In Starfield?

By following these methods, you can secure an Electromagnetic Damage Ship for your adventures in Starfield.

1. Purchase From Vendors

Using the in-game currency, you can buy an Electromagnetic Damage Ship from various in-game vendors.

Visit spaceports and check the ship dealers to see if one is available for purchase.

2. Complete Quests And Missions

Some quests and missions in Starfield may offer Electromagnetic Damage Ships as rewards.

Keep an eye out for storylines or objectives that involve acquiring a new ship.

3. Exploration And Loot

While exploring the game universe, you might see Electromagnetic Damage Ships as rare loot or rewards.

Be thorough in your exploration to increase your chances of finding one.

4. Faction Allegiance

Joining specific in-game factions or groups can lead to the opportunity of obtaining the Ship as part of your faction rewards or progression.

5. Trade Or Barter

In some instances, you may be able to obtain an Electromagnetic Damage Ship through trade or barter with other characters or factions.

Be open to negotiation and trade opportunities in the game.

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Advantages Of Using An Electromagnetic Damage Ship

Understanding these advantages will help you decide when and how to use an Electromagnetic Damage Ship effectively in Starfield.

1. Non-Lethal Approach

Electromagnetic Damage Ships can stop enemy ships without causing permanent harm.

They’re great for non-lethal play and missions about capturing, not destroying.

2. Boarding And Hijacking

Electromagnetic Damage Ships are well-suited for boarding and taking control of enemy vessels.

They have the ability to disable ship systems and incapacitate the crew without destroying the targeted ship.

3. Precision Control

Electromagnetic Damage Ships give you precise control during combat.

You can target specific ship systems like engines or shields for disabling accurately.

4. Tactical Versatility

Electromagnetic Damage Ships offer tactical versatility.

They provide an alternative to conventional combat-focused vessels, enabling unique approaches to missions and objectives.

5. Non-Aggressive Resolution

When dealing with factions or scenarios where minimizing casualties is essential.

Electromagnetic Damage Ships provide a more diplomatic and peaceful solution.

Disadvantages Of Using An Electromagnetic Damage Ship

Understanding these disadvantages will help you decide when and how to use an Electromagnetic Damage Ship effectively in Starfield.

1. Lower Damage Output

Electromagnetic Damage Ships often have less damage output than dedicated combat ships.

This can make them less effective in direct ship-to-ship battles.

2. Skill And Precision Required

Effectively using Electromagnetic Damage Ships demands precise targeting and skill.

This can be challenging for some players who may struggle to master.

3. Limited Offensive Options

These ships may not possess the necessary offensive firepower.

This can be a limitation in situations requiring swift and decisive action.

4. Not Ideal For All Enemies

Electromagnetic Damage Ships may not be the best option for all types of enemies or scenarios.

Some adversaries may necessitate the use of more conventional combat-focused ships.

5. Vulnerability To Attacks

When disabling enemy ships, Electromagnetic Damage Ships can become vulnerable to counterattacks from other hostile vessels.

This can potentially put the player at risk during these encounters.

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The Bottom Line

Electromagnetic Damage Ships are spacecraft in Starfield designed to disable enemy vessels without causing permanent harm.

They are ideal for the game’s non-lethal approaches, boarding, and diplomatic solutions.

While they offer precise control and tactical versatility, they may lack offensive firepower.

Effectively using these ships requires skill and may not be suitable for all enemy types.

When using Electromagnetic Damage Ships, players should be prepared for potential counterattacks.

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