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Discover No One Heroes Like Gaston In Dreamlight Valley

Players have to complete the No One Heroes Like Gaston quest in the Dreamlight Valley.

There are a lot of quests in the Friendship Quests section of the game, where this quest is quite fun to play.

No One Heroes Like Gaston is a quest in Dreamlight Valley where players have to find items such as Coconut, Piles of Cobra eggs, etc., along with completing tasks Gaston gives. 
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Who Is Gaston In Dreamlight Valley?

Gaston is one of the characters in Dreamlight Valley, who is the villain of Beauty and the Beast.

Moreover, players have to buy the A Rift in Time expansion to unlock Gaston in the game.

Similarly, unlocking this expansion will allow you to find him in the new region in-game map.

Gaston Character
Talking to the Gaston in Dreamlight Valley.

Furthermore, players also need to unlock the Rapunzel in order to get their hands on Gaston.

Finally, you will have to complete the Eternity Isle quests to get the Gaston to join your valley.

No One Heroes Like Gaston in Dreamlight Valley

No One Heroes Like Gaston is one of the Friendship quests in Dreamlight Valley that is based on the Gaston character.

Moreover, players have to perform various tasks in order to complete this quest which are as follows:

1. Dress Like Gaston

First of all, players have to mimic the getup of Gaston to start this quest.

Moreover, you will need the following items to dress up just like Gaston:

  1. Red Top
  2. Black Pants
  3. Brown Shoes
  4. Any type of Gloves

Additionally, the first two items are compulsory and the latter two items are optional for the quest.

Similarly, you can easily equip these items from the Wardrobe option.

2. Gather A Dangerous Breakfast For Gaston

Now players will have to find the breakfast items for Gaston which are as follows:

  • Piles of Cobra eggs
  • Piranha

Similarly, you can get the Piranha by fishing in the Orange Bubbles in The Lagoon location on the map.

Fishing Piranha
Fishing Piranha for Gaston’s Breakfast.

Moreover, you can find cobra eggs lying on the ground in the desert area.

Furthermore, after collecting these items, Gaston will ask you to eat them.

3. Gather Materials For Gaston’s Gym

Players will need to find the following items that Gaston asks for in his Gym:

  • Coconut 
  • Brass Ingot
  • Tropical Wood
  • Stone
  • Fiber

Similarly, you can easily find these items all over the map such as Tropical wood in the Wild Tangle location.

Moreover, players will now have to craft Gaston’s Coconut Gym for which you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Crafting Recipes menu.
  2. Select the Furniture option and then click on Gaston’s Coconut Gym option.
  3. Select 1 quantity and then click on the Make option.
Gaston's Coconut Gym
Crafting Gaston’s Coconut Gym in the quest.

Furthermore, you have to order a Queen of the Sea Mirror from Scrooge McDuck in his shop.

In the same way, you have to gather these two furniture items near the docks for Gaston’s Gym.

Additionally, now you have to invite Maui to train with Gaston which will end this task.

4. Take Pictures Of Gaston

Players have to take a picture of Gaston and them together to start this task.

Furthermore, after taking the pictures, you will have to show them to Gaston for his approval.

Additionally, players will now have to give a picture of Gaston to the following characters:

  • Scrooge McDuck
  • Rapunzel
  • Maui

Similarly, you can find these characters from the game map and then click on the Give option in the Confirmation message dialogue box.

Moreover, after you give them the pictures, you must return to Gaston to complete this quest.

The Bottom Line

Overall, players will enjoy completing the No One Heroes Like Gaston quest in Dreamlight Valley.

Moreover, there are various types of fun tasks such as fishing piranha, taking pictures with Gaston, etc in this quest.

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