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Explore The Refined Vs. Calibrated Weapon System Of Starfield

You can find many armor and weapons in the vast galaxy of Starfield.

Starfield’s weapons and class system are inspired by its sibling Fallout 76.

Refined and Calibrated are both the weapons tiers of Starfield. Refined is a more advanced tier, which gives higher enemy damage and overall higher stats, while Callibrated is a lower tier, a basic upgrade from the weapons you start out with.

This article explores the weapon systems of Starfield and the details about Refind Vs. Calibrated weapon system.

Introduction To The Starfield Weapons System

Weapons in Starfield are required for both space combats and ground-level combats.

There are different types of weapons and armor available that can do more or less damage.

The weapon system of Starfield consists of five tiers.

These five tiers include:

  1. Base
  2. Calibrated
  3. Refined
  4. Advanced
  5. Superior

As there are many tiers, players can get confused about the hierarchy of this system.

Reddit Calibrated vs Refined Starfield
Player’s confusion on the weapon system of Starfield

When you first start out the game, you will use the base weapons of Starfield.

As you grow in the game, the weapon systems also upgrade from base and then ultimately to superior.

An approximate when you can these weapon tiers are: Calibrated at around level 10 and Refined at around level 20-25.

Furthermore, the Advanced tier is available at around levels 30-35 and Superior at around levels 40-45.

Even though these levels are approximated, getting into higher levels and difficult territory increases your chance of upgrading these tiers.

In addition, these tiers are also applicable for spacesuits, helmets, and boost packs.

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What Are Refined Weapons of Starfield?

Refined Weapons are slightly higher-tiered weapons that you gain as you reach higher levels.

These higher-tiered weapons help to gain more enemy damage than the lower ones.

Each weapon, helmet and spacesuit can gain this tier as you reach higher levels.

The approximate level to gain the Refined tier is between levels 20 and 25.

The exact activities and quests to gain this tier are unknown.

However, the chances of acquiring this tier increase as you reach the higher levels.

What Are the Calibrated Weapons Of Starfield?

The Calibrated weapons are below the Refined weapon tier in Starfield.

You reach the Calibrated Weapon tier as you upgrade from the basic weapons to slightly more enemy damage.

Just like the Refined Weapon tier, helmets, spacesuits, boostpacks and weapons can gain the Calibrated tier.

The approximate level to gain the Calibrated tier is at around level 10.

The Calibrated tier can also increase enemy base damage.

Along with that, it can help you gain higher stats which will help increase your XP.

Refined Vs. Calibrated Weapons: Major Differences

The Refined and Calibrated Weapons are the tiers of weapons you can gain as you grow in the game.

When upgraded to higher levels, these are just the prefixes your weapons and even gears can get.

They are just the rare versions of your normal base weapons.

For example, you have a Bridger pistol at the start of your game.

Refined Vs. Calibrated Weapon Starfield
The Refined Vs. the Calibrated are the tier system of the weapons

The pistol then upgrades to a Calibrated Bridger as the levels of Strafield increase.

Unfortunately, you cannot choose to gain the Refined tier or keep the Calibrated tier.

Furthermore, the player have expressed their dissatisfaction over on Reddit and Steam.

Eventhough the tier system is a useful update, players show their disappointment in losing the importance of a cool weapon as they go higher in the game.

Reddit Refined vs Calibrated Starfield
Reddit user expressing their disappointment about the weapon tier system of Starfield

As you go to higher difficulty levels, these modifications automatically affect your game system.

The Refined tier of weapons is obviously much better because it helps to do more enemy damage than the Calibrated tier.

Additionally, as you explore the darker world of the game, you will need the upgraded or powerful versions of your weapons.

Even though there are no specific activities or quests you can do to upgrade these tiers, there is something that might help.

You can upgrade the weapon engineering and the spacesuit design to up to Rank 4.

To upgrade the weapon engineering and the spacesuit design, you can:

  1. Rank 1: Gain four skill points in the Science Skill tree.
  2. Rank 2: Craft five weapon mods.
  3. Rank 3: Craft fifteen weapon mods.  
  4. Rank 4: Craft thirty weapon mods.

While there is no evidence that this helps, trying it out will not hurt anyone.

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The Bottom Line

The weapon system of Starfield consists of five tiers: Base, Calibrated, Refined, Advanced, and Superior.

The tiers of your weapons and gears upgrade as you go up to higher levels of difficulty in the game.

Additionally, the Calibrated tier of weapons is an upgrade to what you first start out with.

Furthermore, the Refined tier is a more advanced upgrade of the Calibrated tiers.

Calibrated Vs. the refined weapon tier is not manual but an automatic process.

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