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Where Is The Realty Office Of New Atlantis In Starfield?

Starfield, as a role-playing game, is supposed to imitate the realities of our real world.

You can go beyond the realities of the real world with things like space travel, space combat, etc.

You can also be a citizen of a system and buy ships and houses and work for that system.

The Realty Office of New Atlantis City in Starfield is the Aphelion Realty Office in the MAST district. Interacting with realtor Zora Sangweni can help you purchase properties in the city.

Continue reading the article to explore the details of the Realty Office of New Atlantis and the things to do to buy a house in Starfield.

Where Is The New Atlantis Realty Office?

New Atlantis is one of the main cities of Starfield. The city lies on the Jemison Planet in the Alpha Centauri System.

Additionally, the United Colonies is the government that controls the Alpha Centauri, Sol and Wolf Star Systems.

You can find many things in the city, such as spaceport storage, ship technicians, security checkpoints, a viewport, a realty Office, etc.

The realty Office of New Atlantis is called the Aphelion Realty.

Aphelion Realty New Atlantis City Starfield
The Aphelion Realty Office of New Atlantis City.

Furthermore, the Aphelion Realty is close to the Armistice Archive in the MAST district.

Players on Reddit have been expressing their confusion about finding this realty Office.

New Atlantis Realty Office Reddit
Reddit user having problems with finding the Realty Office of New Atlantis City.

However, looking opposite the MAST building, you will find the Armsitic Archives.

And near the Armistic Archive, you can easily find the Aphelion Realty.

The Realty Office of New Atlantis allows you to buy homes in the city.

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How To Buy A House In New Atlantis?

After finding the realty Office of New Atlantis, you need to interact with a character.

The non-playable character (NPC), Zora Sangweni, can help you purchase a house in New Atlantis.

Realtor Zora Sangweni
Realtor Zora Sangweni can help you purchase properties in New Atlantis City.

However, you will have to earn citizenship in the United Colonies to be able to purchase any real estate.

To gain citizenship, you should complete the Vanguard quest.

These are the basic steps to becoming a citizen of the United Colonies government:

  1. Interact with Command Tuala, who is in the MAST district.
  2. Register in the Vanguard Registration terminal.
  3. Complete the Vanguard Exam.
  4. Then, complete four missions, including Supra ET Ulta, Grunt Work, Delivering Devils Eyewitness, and Friends Like These.

Completing these missions can help you gain your citizenship.

The major benefit of this citizenship is that you can buy houses in New Atlantis City or any one of the United Colonies systems.

After becoming a citizen, find the Aphelion Realty Office. Then, interact with Zora Sangweni to purchase real estate in the game.

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Different Houses Available In Starfield

Now that you have information on how to buy property, you could be wondering which property to buy.

There are many variations of properties throughout the systems of Starfield.

You can also find different types of properties in New Atlantis City. Some of these types of properties in New Atlantis City are listed below;

1. The Well Apartment

The Well Apartment is a good starting point for players in the game’s early stages.

It can help find items in their stores and the Trade Authority outpost.

The appearance and ambiance are not the best, but it is a valuable place. You can also purchase the apartment for 30,000 credits.

2. Penthouse

The Penthouse of New Atlantis City cannot be purchased through a real estate agent.

You must complete a series of United Colonies quests to get your hands on the property.

In addition, it is the property with the largest population of players.

3. Parents’ Home

The Parent’s Home property is another one of the properties that cannot be purchased in New Atlantis City.

You should choose the Kid Stuff Trait and complete the related quests to be able to get this property.

Additionally, the game introduces two non-playable character parents with the Kid Stuff trait.

4. The Lodge Room

Even though you cannot purchase one of the rooms of The Lodge, you can temporarily own the room.

The Lodge, headquarters of the Constellation, is the go-to place for missions.

Players can complete some missions and interact with Noelle, who will give you a tour and a spare room.

The room can be useful for resting, restoring health, storing quest items, and being fast-traveled.

You can purchase other properties in Starfield but outside of teh New Atlantis City. 

These properties include:

  1. Sleep Crate in Neon for 6,500 credits
  2. Stretch Apartment in Akila City for 45,000 credits
  3. Core Manor in Akila City for 78,000 credits
  4. Dream Home in Nesoi for 125,000 credits
  5. Sky Suite in Neon for 235,000 credits

The Bottom Line

New Atlantis City has a real Office called the Aphelion Realty near the MAST district.

The realty Office can help you purchase property in New Atlantis City.

However, to be able to purchase property, you need to gain citizenship of the United Colonies.

Complete the required steps and purchase property in and outside the New Atlantis City today.

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