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Unmitigated Violence Starfield ID: Uncovering The Code

Unlocking the Unmitigated Violence Starfield ID is a quest for players seeking a powerful laser rifle in the game.

The Unmitigated Violence Starfield ID for the Laser Rifle is 00135A34. This unique identification code is essential for accessing and utilizing this powerful weapon in the game. To acquire it, players must kill the Hunter in the Revelation mission.

Continue reading to explore Unmitigated Violence and how to get the ID.

What Is Unmitigated Violence Starfield?

Unmitigated Violence is a special and powerful Legendary Laser Rifle that players can obtain through specific choices and actions.

Its unique characteristics include the ability to frenzy targets, randomly deal radioactive damage, and demoralize enemies.

Moreover, players can customize it with various weapon mods, making it a versatile and deadly weapon in the game.

This unique weapon enhances the player’s combat effectiveness in the game.

unmitigated violence
Unmitigated violence is a powerful Legendary Laser Rifle.

Unmitigated Violence (Laser Rifle): 00135A34

Weapon Mods

  • Long Barrel: 0014AFD8
  • Recon Laser Sight: 001341F0
  • Reflex Sight: 00132C43
  • Stealth Lasers: 0012A7C7
  • Stabilizing Stock: 0012DF04
  • Large Battery: 0012DF0D
  • Amplifier: 0013366E

Weapon Modifiers

  • Frenzy: 000FC8A4
  • Instigating: 000F2013

How To Get Unmitigated Violence Starfield?

Here are some steps on how to obtain Unmitigated Violence in Starfield:

1. Progress Through The Main Story

Start by playing through the main storyline of Starfield.

In addition, follow the quests and objectives provided as part of the game’s narrative.

2. Reach The Unearthed Mission

As you progress, you will eventually reach the Unearthed mission.

Further, this mission is a pivotal point in the game’s story.

3. Make A Key Decision

During the Unearthed mission, you will face a significant decision.

You have three choices:

  • Side with The Emissary, who believes the Artifacts should be in the right hands.
  • Side with The Hunter, who argues that the rule is whoever gets all the Artifacts first.
  • Choose to go alone, expressing that someone other than a Starborn should decide.
siding with the emissary
Siding with the Emissary.

4. Proceed to the Revelation Mission

Continue playing through the game’s story after making your decision in Unearthed.

In addition, this will lead you to the Revelation mission.

5. Defeat The Hunter

In the Revelation mission, you will encounter a boss fight.

The outcome of this fight depends on your earlier decision:

  • If you sided with The Emissary or chose to go alone, you would face The Hunter as an opponent.
  • If you sided with The Hunter, you will face both the Emissary and the Hunter.
  • After defeating The Hunter (or both opponents), you can loot the Unmitigated Violence weapon from The Hunter’s corpse.
unmitigated violence starfield id
Siding with the Hunter.
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How To Get Unmitigated Violence Starfield ID?

To find the specific item ID for an item in Starfield, including Unmitigated Violence, you can follow these steps:

1. Use Console Commands

The most common way to find the item ID is by using console commands in the game.

Here’s how:

Press your keyboard’s tilde key (~) to open the in-game console.

Type in the following command to list all your inventory items along with their IDs:


This command will display a list of items you have in your inventory, along with their corresponding item IDs.

Lastly, you can scroll through the list to find Unmitigated Violence and note down its ID.

2. Check Game Guides And Wikis

Sometimes, players and fans create guides and wikis for games like Starfield.

You can search for Starfield item databases or wikis online, often including item IDs for various in-game items, including weapons.

Moreover, these resources can be valuable for finding specific item IDs.

3. Community Forums

Community forums and discussion boards may have threads or posts where players share item IDs or discuss how to find them.

Browsing through such forums like Reddit and Steam or asking fellow players for the item ID can be helpful.

Why Are Players Not Able To Find Unmitigated Violence Starfield ID?

Players may face challenges finding the Unmitigated Violence Starfield ID due to several factors:

  • Hidden game design choices may conceal the Unmitigated Violence Starfield ID.
  • Limited access to comprehensive resources hinders ID discovery.
  • Console command variations can confuse players seeking the ID.
  • Community knowledge gaps make finding the ID challenging.
  • Developers intentionally obscure IDs to enhance gameplay mystery.
  • Complex data mining efforts.

The Bottom Line

Finding the Unmitigated Violence ID can be challenging due to design choices, limited resources, and complexities in console commands.

Players should explore online resources and community forums while considering potential impacts on their game experience.

Lastly, please note that item IDs can vary between game versions and platforms, so make sure you use the correct ID.

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