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Starfield Operation Starseed: The Best Choice

In the vast universe of Starfield, one quest stands out – Operation Starseed.

Within this mission, players face a critical decision, the best choice, which can shape the fate of a unique clone community.

The best choice in Starfield’s Operation Starseed is to reboot and select a new Super-Admin for the clone community. This choice yields rewards and harmony but involves moral dilemmas and emotional impacts on clones.

Continue reading to explore Starfield operation Starseed’s best choice and understand its impact on the game’s storyline and rewards.

What Is Starfield Operation Starseed?

Starfield’s Operation Starseed is a quest or mission within Starfield’s video game.

In this quest, players visit a distant planet called Charybdis III, where they encounter a unique community of clones.

These clones are based on historical figures like Franklin Roosevelt and Genghis Khan.

The quest aims to unravel this clone community’s mysteries and make important choices that affect the outcome.

Players can explore, engage with these historical clones, and decide the community’s fate.

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Different Choices In Operation Starseed

Certainly, here are the different choices available in Operation Starseed and how they impact the quest’s outcome in Starfield.

1. Reboot And Restore Current Mission Parameters

Choosing this option restores the status quo, keeping the clones trapped in the Crucible settlement.

This decision essentially maintains the clones’ confinement, resulting in no significant change in their situation.

go to crucible
Go to crucible on Charybois III.

2. Reboot And Choose A New Super-Admin

This choice allows you to select the new Super-Admin to lead the clone community among FDR, Amanirenas, or Genghis Khan.

The outcome depends on your chosen leader; the clones work toward their freedom.

This decision leads to a more positive ending and grants you a higher credit reward.

3. Initiate Full Project Cleanse

Selecting this option immediately terminates all clones within the Crucible settlement.

This results in the death of all the historical figure clones, including Amelia Earhart.

It offers the lowest credit reward and a darker, more negative outcome for the quest.

4. Choosing A Faction Leader To Support

Throughout the quest, you can align with one of the three faction leaders: Franklin Roosevelt, Amanirenas, or Genghis Khan.

Your choice influences the dialogue and interactions during the quest but doesn’t determine the final outcome directly.

5. Dialogue Choices During The Leader Meeting

Toward the quest’s conclusion, you meet with the remaining faction leaders.

If you’ve sided with FDR, choose the dialogue option “Perhaps the Believers do not have to be our enemies.”

You can spare Amanirenas, leading to a more favorable outcome.

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Operation Starseed: The Best Choice

The best choice in Starfield’s Operation Starseed quest is to reboot and choose a new Super-Admin.

This option allows you to select one of the remaining faction leaders to lead the community of clones.

It will produce a positive outcome where the clones can work towards their freedom.

If you’ve followed the guide’s recommendation and spared Amanirenas or FDR while siding with them.

You’ll also receive a higher credit reward of 6000 Credits.

It also allows you to recruit Amelia Earhart as an adventure companion.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Operation Starseed Best Choice

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of the best choice in Operation Starseed in Starfield:


  1. The best choice, which involves rebooting and selecting a new Super-Admin, leads to a more optimistic outcome for the quest. 
  2. Choosing the best option yields a higher credit reward than other choices. 
  3. Opting for the best choice allows you to keep Amelia Earhart alive and recruit her as a companion.
  4. You contribute to shaping the destiny of the clone community and potentially create a more harmonious environment.
keep amanirenas alive
Keeping Amanireas alive and recruiting her as a companion.


  1. Deciding the best choice can be challenging, as it involves weighing the fate of historical figure clones and navigating complex moral dilemmas.
  2. Some faction leaders or historical figure clones may meet unfortunate fates, which can be emotionally impactful for players.
  3. It may not entirely resolve all the conflicts within the clone community or change the game’s overarching narrative. 
  4. The best choice may have in-game consequences, such as altering certain characters’ or factions’ interactions and reactions.
  5. Role-playing players may struggle to align their character’s beliefs with the best choice, as it may not suit every character’s concept.
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Operation Starseed Rewards In Starfield

Here is a summary of the rewards you can earn in the Operation Starseed quest in Starfield:

1. Experience Points (EXP)

Completing the quest grants you 300 experience points, which helps your character progress and become more skilled.

2. Earning Credits

Your credit reward varies depending on the choices you make during the quest.

You can receive either 2,000, 3,000, or 6,000 credits as a reward.

3. Unique Outfits

You have the opportunity to loot outfits from the dead clone’s bodies.

These outfits are associated with historical figures like Franklin Roosevelt, Genghis Khan, and Amanirenas.

4. Unlocking Amelia Earhart As A Companion

By completing Operation Starseed, you unlock the option to have Amelia Earhart join your crew as a companion.

She can assist you during your adventures, offering her piloting skills and proficiency with a rifle in combat situations.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the best option in Operation Starseed means rebooting and selecting a new leader for the clone community.

This leads to a more positive outcome where the clones can work towards their freedom.

You’ll earn a higher credit reward, unlock Amelia Earhart as a companion, and shape the clone community’s destiny.

However, it involves complex moral decisions and might not suit every character’s concept in role-playing.

Your choices in this quest greatly affect the story and rewards in Starfield.

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