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What Happens To Old Ship After Getting A New Ship In Starfield?

Many players are curious about what happens to the old ship when they take over a new ship in Starfield.

In Starfield, players invest a lot of credits to build the ship, so they should fear the Spaceship’s loss.

After players get the new ship, the old ship will be automatically sent to the Fleet. Players must contact the ship technician in any major city to retrieve and transfer it back to the home ship.

Continue Reading to discover if players will somehow be able to retrieve the old ship; if so, learn about the process in Starfield.

Getting Ships In Starfield

In Starfield, there are many ways to obtain a new ship.

Players can simply travel through various locations, including the solar system, different planets, and the moons, to get a new one.

However, players should lock in the target ship and board over the Spaceship.

UC Vanguard, Outlaw and Epileptic Falcata are some of Starfield’s Best Ships To Steal from the enemies.

Pirate ship starfield
Steal the pirate ship.

Further, the best way to get a new ship is to complete different missions and progress through games. 

Razorleaf, Starbirn, Starborn Guardian and Kepler R are some exclusive ships players can get by competing in different missions.

Moreover, players can purchase a new ship through various in-game merchants.

Taiyo Astroneering, Paradiso, Stroud-Eklund, and Hopetech headquarters are some locations where players can buy a new ship.

Players will get to buy the Most Expensive Ships, including the Narwhal, Abyss Trekker, and Vanquisher.

Unfortunately, players have to invest more time in the game to earn the credits to get themselves such ships.

What Happens To The Old Ship In Starfield?

Many players can be in a dilemma about what happens to the old ship after getting a new one in Starfield.

When players are getting themselves a new ship that can dock and board the Spaceship.

In Starfield, players can store up to ten ships in the inventory; however, they can only make one home ship.

Further, all the crew members and the items from the previous ship will transfer when you hop on the new ship.

 Players can explore one planet to find the ship, but the outpost can be on another planet, so obtaining the ship may be challenging.

After boarding the ship, players should kill all the enemies and head to the cockpit to access the pilot seat.

starfield what happens to old ship
Grab the seat inside the cockpit.

Players can transfer the stolen ship to their home ship by enabling the gravity jump or land on the planet.

Hence, all the cargo storage and the crew members will be transferred to the new ship.

Even if the stolen ship lacks the space, it can still hold up the space before players land on their outpost.

Furthermore, for players wondering what happens to the old ship, it will automatically accumulate the older ships in the Fleet.

Hence, players will not lose any old ships even after stealing some factions or enemy’s new ships. 

How To Retrieve The Old Ship?

After players obtain and steal a new ship, retrieving the old one should be tricky.

Players can contact the ship technicians in any of the significant locations, including New Atlantis, Cydonia, Akila City and the Den.

Moreover, players should ask the technician to show the list of ships players own.

Ship technician in Neon
Ship service technician in Neon.

Over there, players will be able to sell any of the old and new ships to the technician for more credits.

However, before selling or customizing the new ship, players should register using some credits.

starfield what happens to old ship
Register the new ship.

For the cargo part, if players have swapped the old ship for a new one, ensure the load is not overflowing.

Otherwise, players must upgrade the ship; in addition, players should also avoid carrying contrabands as it may take players to jail.

The Bottom Line

After players get or steal a new ship in Starfield, the old ship will be stored in the fleet.

Players should head to the nearest Spaceship technician and make further changes or sell the ship.

The profit after registering and selling the ship should be over 2000 credits.

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