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Explore Daylight Savings Deal Monopoly Go Event Rewards

Daylight Savings deal is a new event that is currently ongoing in Monopoly Go.

The event boasts a completely unique mechanic that players can reap the benefits from.

The Daylight Savings Deal event in Monopoly Go boasts new mechanics that allow the game to double the community chests. The community chests contain various goodies ranging from money to dice rolls. Thus, allowing the players to obtain nearly two times the dice roll amount from the chests.
This article discusses the daylight savings deal and its rewards in Monopoly Go.

What Is Daylight Savings Deal In Monopoly Go?

The daylight savings deal is a new event running in Monopoly Go.

Similar to other events, this event rewards players for playing the game.

However, this event is a bit different than events in how it provides the rewards.

Furthermore, the game developers have not given a specific date for the end of the event.

Thus, for now, players can reap the benefits from the event as much as possible.

Additionally, the event is occurring adjacent to other events in the game.

Thus, players can use the events to boost the amount of rolls that they can obtain at a time.

daylight savings deal monopoly go
The daylight savings deal is an ongoing event in Monopoly Go.
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Rewards From Daylight Savings Deal In Monopoly Go

The rewards from the event in Monopoly Go are not specified.

Furthermore, unlike other events, this event does not have its own rewards.

However, the reward mechanic it contains is something players must leverage.

The mechanic is that it doubles the Community chest each day. Players can earn various rewards from the community chests.

Furthermore, Community chests tend to contain various stickers that players require to complete certain sticker sets.

Thus, the doubling of the Community chest can be a great reward even for the players.

Players can obtain the Community chests by inviting friends and playing the game.

daylight savings deal reward monopoly go
The daylight savings deal event doubles the community chest

During their time playing the game, each time they land on a Community chest tile on the board, it will add a certain sum of money to the community chest.

After the players invite a certain number of friends to play the game and a certain period of time has passed, players can open the Community chest to earn the rewards.

The rewards can range from money to stickers and dice rolls as well.

Thus, if the event doubles the Community chests, their chances of earning a 5-star sticker or doubling the money they get increase significantly.

The event occurs every morning between 8 and 9 AM, according to players.

However, since it is a daylight savings event, you can check it when you wake up.

The Bottom Line

Events and rewards are a great way to ensure the players are inclined to play the game.

Furthermore, a variety of events and mechanics to the events can allow players to interact with the game in unique ways.

Not only that, various types of events also allow the developers to create unique and fun events with great rewards.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in understanding the mechanics and rewards of the Daylight Savings Deal event in Monopoly Go.

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