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Stickers Hack In Monopoly Go: How To Perform It?

Many Monopoly Go players are curious about the stickers hack to obtain multiple stickers in Monopoly.

In Monopoly Go, you must collect multiple stickers to complete the sticker album for rewards like game tokens, cash, and dice.

The Monopoly Go stickers hack is about receiving multiple stickers and collecting rewards. You can earn stickers through daily logins, participating in tournaments, completing quick wins challenges, spinning the wheel etc.

Continue reading to learn more about stickers hack in Monopoly Go and obtain multiple stickers for exciting rewards.

What Are Monopoly Go Stickers?

Monopoly is a fun board game where you must collect stickers to unlock various rewards.

Monopoly Stickers are collectable items in Monopoly Go required to complete the Stickers Album.

Furthermore, Monopoly stickers are very useful in the game to earn free dice rolls.

blue pack stickers
Monopoly Stickers are collectable items in Monopoly to unlock various rewards.

You can earn cash bonuses and increase your total income in the game with the help of Monopoly stickers.

There are more than 160 stickers in the game which you must collect to complete your sticker collection.

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How To Get Monopoly Go Stickers?

There are many ways to hack the stickers in Monopoly and collect as much as possible.

1. Login Into Your Monopoly Account Daily

To add more stickers to your sticker album, all you have to do is log in daily to Monopoly Go.

By doing so, you can redeem your daily treats and have the chance to win stickers as your reward.

2. Participate In Tournaments

In Monopoly Go, you cannot buy stickers, so your chance of a sticker hack in the game is by participating in tournaments.

Furthermore, focus on completing all new challenges to collect as many stickers as possible.

You can also participate in milestone events to earn rewards that get you more stickers.

You can participate in these milestone events by landing on particular tiles on your Monopoly board.

3. Complete Challenges In Quick Wins

In Monopoly Go, the best way to sticker hack is to complete the Quick Wins section.

This Quick Wins section will give you daily challenges to complete.

Furthermore, you can earn one sticker pack after completing a challenge in Quick Wins.

4.  Complete The Color Sets To Spin The Wheel

Another method for sticker hacking in Monopoly Go is to complete the colour sets.

To do this, you must invest in building properties on your Monopoly Go board.

Furthermore, when you complete the colour sets, you will receive a chance to spin the wheel.

If you complete one colour set, you will get two-wheel spins.

You will have the opportunity to sticker hack when you spin the wheels.

5. Co-operate With Your Friends

You can get more stickers from co-operating with your friends in Monopoly Go.

To do this, go to the community chest section and open the chest with the help of your friends.

You will also have the chance to win a pink sticker pack in Monopoly Go by cooperating with your friends.

How To Perform Stickers Hack In Monopoly Go?

Sometimes, you get the same stickers more than once in Monopoly Go which is useless.

Hence, it is best to exchange it with the stars you have to gain new stickers.

exchange stickers
Accoding to the stars you have, select either 100, 500 or 1500 stars to exchange for stickers.

To hack the vault in Monopoly Go, and see what stickers you can get by following the steps below:

  1. First, put your phone on Airplane mode and turn off your wifi.
  2. Go to the menu and open the Sticker for Rewards section in Monopoly Go.
  3. You will see the exchange of duplicate sticker options for stars.
  4. There will be options to exchange stickers for 100, 500 and 1500 stars.
  5. Check how many stars you have collected so far in Monopoly Go.
  6. Accoding to the stars you have, select either 100, 500 or 1500 stars to exchange for stickers.
  7. Click on the option, select your duplicate stickers to exchange and press the exchange button.
  8. Now, you can exchange your stars to gain multiple stickers in Monopoly Go.
  9. The next step is to open the Vault of Monopoly Go and uninstall it.
  10. Re-install Monopoly and enjoy the stickers.

After you click the exchange button, you will receive unlimited dice to roll and blue and green sticker packs.

When you open the blue and green stickers pack, you will activate the sticker hack on Monopoly Go.

stickers Bonafida treat
You will earn stickers like Bonafide Treat, Timber, Booand Way Back in the Green sticker pack.

Furthermore, you will earn stickers like Bonafide Treat, Timber, Booand Way Back in the Green sticker pack.

In the Blue sticker pack, you will get stickers like feeling knotty, spiky perch, white wolf, gone fishing scarlet macaw, pawty animal.

The Bottom Line

You must use these strategies and steps to earn multiple stickers in Monopoly Go.

Furthermore, with these Monopoly Stickers hacks, you can become a pro in collecting stickers and earning rewards.

However, remember to have fun and enjoy the game while working towards completing your sticker album.

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