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Exploring The Mysteries Of Stormshore Tabernacle

The Stormshore Tabernacle in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a special haven along the Sword Coast where Selûne’s followers gather.

Astarion leads it, these clerics provide healing and blessings.

To reach the Stormshore Tabernacle, you must journey from Baldur’s Gate, pass Stormshore village, and embark on quests like Moonrise, Cleansing the Shrine and Pilgrimage of faith.

In this article, we will explore the depths of the Stormshore Tabernacle.

What Is Stormshore Tabernacle?

Stormshore is a place of worship for the followers of Selûne, the goddess of the moon in the Forgotten Realms setting.

The Tabernacle is run by Astarion and a group of clerics who preach the teachings of Selûne and offer healing and blessings to pilgrims.

Likewise, the tabernacle itself is a large stone structure built directly on the rocky shoreline.

stormshore tabernacle in map
The Stormshore Tabernacle will appear on your BG3 map.

Its architecture features high arched windows and a bell tower topped with a crescent moon symbol of Selûne.

Inside are several rooms, including a large central chamber with pews where services are held, private quarters for the clerics, and a shrine room dedicated to Selûne containing statues and offerings.

Moreover, the exterior has a courtyard and gardens maintained by the clerics.

Where To Find Stormshore Tabernacle?

Stormshore Tabernacle is located along the Sword Coast, on a stretch of rocky shoreline west of the city of Baldur’s Gate.

To reach it from Baldur’s Gate, travel west along the Coast Road past the Wayward Inn.

After some travel, you will come to a small fishing village called Stormshore.

Continue past the village along a dirt path that hugs the coastline.

Now, look for a stone building atop the cliffs with a crescent moon symbol above the entrance. This is Stormshore Tabernacle.

No signs are pointing the way, so be sure to follow the coast road carefully from Stormshore Village.

Similarly, the Tabernacle sits in isolated natural beauty overlooking the Sea of Swords.

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How To Get To Stormshore Tabernacle?

Stormshore Tabernacle is a religious building located on the coast of the Sword Coast.

From Baldur’s Gate, take the following detailed steps to reach Stormshore Tabernacle:

  1. Begin at the Main Gate entrance to Baldur’s Gate city. Head west along the Coast Road, passing farms and fields. Keep the sea in view to your left.
  2. After some travel, you will reach the Wayward Inn. This is a popular rest stop for travelers. You can stop here for supplies or rest, but continue west once ready.
  3. Keep following the Coast Road as it hugs the shoreline. Tall cliffs rise on your right. Watch for seabirds soaring overhead.
  4. After some time, you will come upon the small fishing village of Stormshore. Pass through the village, keeping the coast in sight.
  5. Reach the top of the cliffs. In the distance, you will see the stone building of the Stormshore Tabernacle atop a rocky promontory overlooking the sea.
  6. A stone staircase leads down to a courtyard outside the tabernacle’s arched entrance.

What Quests Can Be Found At Stormshore Tabernacle?

There are a few quests that players can discover and undertake at Stormshore Tabernacle:

1. Moonrise

Speak with Astarion about strange events disturbing the clergy’s prayers at night.

Then, investigate the source of disturbances in the Tabernacle Gardens after dark.

astarion bg3
Speak with Astarion about the source of disturbances.

2. Cleansing The Shrine

The shrine room dedicated to Selûne has become defiled.

Again, help the clerics perform a ritual to cleanse and restore the shrine.

3. Lost And Found

A young acolyte named Brina has gone missing from the Tabernacle.

Track her down by questioning witnesses in Stormshore village and searching for clues along the coast.

Again rescue Brina from dangers in a sea cave.

4. Pilgrimage Of Faith

Escort a group of pilgrims safely from the Stormshore Tabernacle to the larger temple of Selûne in Baldur’s Gate.

Defend the pilgrims from bandits and monsters along the Coast Road.

Speak with Astarion or the other clerics at the Tabernacle to learn more and pick up the quests.

Besides, your actions could help or harm the clergy, so choose wisely.

Advantages Of Visiting The Stormshore Tabernacle

Stormshore Tabernacle is a location worth visiting for both roleplaying and gameplay reasons.

For those following a character with a religious background or interest in the Moon Goddess, interacting with the clergy here can provide meaningful story opportunities.

Additionally, priests of Selûne such as Astarion, Brina, and others can offer advice and blessings or even join the party as a companion.

Gameplay-wise, completing quests at the Tabernacle awards XP, loot and potentially new party members.

Moreover, the Moonrise and Cleansing the Shrine quests in particular provide unique dungeon-crawling experiences in and around the Tabernacle after dark.

However, you will face threats like ghosts, hags and blighted plants as they investigate disturbances.

Resolving these quests helps strengthen the clergy’s presence on the coast and advance the character’s goals.

The Bottom Line

Discover Stormshore Tabernacle by journeying west from Baldur’s Gate through Stormshore Village.

To shape the story, engage in quests like Moonrise, Cleansing the Shrine, Lost and Found, and Pilgrimage of Faith.

Moreover, uncover mysteries, battle foes, and join the clergy’s journey.

Happy Gaming!

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