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How To Complete Penacony Whodunit In HSR?

In Honkai Star Rail (HSR), players must engage in the challenges of the Whodunit Mission in the Penacony map.

 Penacony is a map that is split into the Reality and Dreamscape domain of Honkai: Star Rail and offers several quests.

Whodunit Mission falls under the Trailblaze Type mission of Penacony Map, where players must uncover the maze of clues and suspicions.

Continue reading to learn more about the Penacony Whodunit Mission in Honkai Star Rail (HSR).

Penacony In Honkai Star Rail

Penacony is the city within the Honkai Star Rail that offers a variety of quests and rewards for the players.

Similarly, Penacony is also known as the Planet Of Festivities as it presents a variety of missions for the players.

Penacony is the planet where the family of the Asdana Star System currently resides.

Moreover, Penacony is the fourth world in Honkai Star Rail which can only be accessed after completing Trailblaze Mission Long Day’s Journey.

Upon reaching the Penacony, players can explore several areas such as The Reverie Hotel, Moment of Daybreak, Glaux Avenue, and so on.

Players can open several treasure chests, spot origami birds, and explore different shops and puzzles in Penacony.

Additionally, there are various mission types in Penacony such as Trailblaze, Companion, and Adventure.

Mystery Of Penacony In HSR: Whodunit Mission

Upon exploring the vast realm of Penacony, players come across different mission types in Honkai Star Rail.

There are different mission types in Penacony such as Trailblaze, Companion, and Acvneture.

While embarking on the Trailblaze Mission Type in Penacony, players need to complete 10 different quests to complete the Trail.

Among these 10 different quests, Whodunit is one of the most mysterious quests lying inside the Trailblaze Mission Type in HSR.

Whodunit In Penacony
Description of Whodunit Mission in Penacony.

Recently, Penacony has been gripped with fear and uncertainty as two people died suddenly in the realm.

Similarly, players need to embark on the quest to search for the possible culprit in the game and provide justice.

As investigators delve deeper into the clues and suspicion, they wonder who could be behind these tragic events.

Beginning The Whodunit Mission In HSR

To begin the Whodunit Mission in Honkai Star Rail, players must traverse to the Planet Of Festivities.

Upon reaching the Penacony, players should follow the black swan and leave the hotel in the Dreamscape.

Further players should investigate the charred or dead bodies lying on the ground.

Likewise, upon investigating every charred lying on the ground, players can find that a fierce inferno raged against these bodies.

Consequently, players should start searching for the culprit, so continue following the Black Swan.

Completing The Whodunit Mission

While following the Black Swan, you can find some traces left by Firefly to unravel the truth behind the sudden demise, so keep looking.

Moreover, players must find a way to shoot down the chandelier to clear a path, so begin searching for the Chandelier.

Traverse around the map and enter the yellow teleportation to reach the Chandelier in Honkai Star Rail.

Finally, once you reach the Chandelier, you should attack the Chandelier to break its chain which will then activate the Space Anchor.

Deamjolt Troupe's Sweet Gorilla
A player must defeat the Deamjolt Troupe’s Sweet Gorilla to progress forward.

Once The Space Anchor is activated, the floor breaks down and players should fight the Deamjolt Troupe’s Sweet Gorilla.

Next, Black Swan introduces you to the Firefly, so follow the Firefly in the memory.

However, you encounter Stellaron Hunter: Sam on the journey, a formidable boss of HSR.

Defeating the Stellaron Hunter requires patience and collaboration, so select your team wisely before engaging in battle with him.

Next, upon defeating the Stellaron Hunter, players should interrogate the Black Swan again as she betrayed them.

Penacony Whodunit Mission Completion
Upon entering the safe zone, the player will have completed the Whodunit mission in Penacony.

Following that, players should go and meet the Adventurine and follow him to the safe zone, which marks the completion of the Whodunit.

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