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The Role Of Tagfer In Warframe: Access Netracells Mission

Warframe introduces the presence of animals like Tagfer in the Whisper in the Walls challenge.

You must complete the Whisper in the Walls challenge to start your Netracells mission in Warframe.

Tagfer plays an important role in the Netracells mission of Warframe. You must talk to it to find the hidden vaults in Sanctum Anatomica, a sanctum in Albrecht Entrati’s laboratories.

Continue reading to find out more about the role of Tagfer in starting the mission in Warframe.

Who Is Tagfer In Warframe?

Tagfer is an animal that is a result of experiments and has an important role in Warframe.

Furthermore, Tagfer has high intelligence due to all the experiments done on him.

The creator of Tagfer is Albercht Entrati who uses void experiments and is also known as Papa.

In addition, he is an Orokin Scientist who has access to the mysterious realm of extradimensional space called The Void.

Tagfer high intelligence animal
Tagfer is a high-intelligence animal that is the result of void experiments by Papa in Warframe.

In this Void, he takes animals and mutates them with genes to make them highly intelligent creatures.

Moreover, Tagfer is one of the members of the Cavia Syndicate in Warframe who will help you progress in the game.

Cavia Syndicate Group

Cavia is a group of animals that are sent to The Void for void experiments.

After the experiments, these animals developed human-like intelligence in Warframe.

However, the sad part is not all animals can survive the mutilation process in the Void.

Hence, Tagfer is one of the three animals of Cavia that were able to survive the void experiments.

Tagfer is one of the last Cervulities in Warframe that can give you access to weekly Netracells missions.

Bird 3 is one of the members of the Cavia Syndicate who also has humanlike intelligence like Papa.

Moreover, Minn is the last member of the Cavia Syndicate but unfortunately, Minn is dead.

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 Access Netracells Mission In Warframe

Netracells is a mission in Warframe where you must access hidden vaults.

You can find these hidden vaults within Albrecht’s laboratories as he is the one hiding them.

However, finding these hidden vaults is not an easy task as they are guarded by high-level enemy forces.

So the only way to complete this mission is to talk to Tagfer whom you can find in the Sanctum Anatomica.

tagfer warframe
Tagfer plays a huge role in Warframe as it will give you access to weekly Netracells missions.

The exciting part about completing the Netracells mission is it gives you a weekly reward limit of 5 times.

But remember you can only start your Netracells mission after you complete the Whispers in the Wall quest.

Carry Four Keyglyphs In Warframe

The Sanctum Anatomica is an area inside the Albrecht Entrati’s laboratories.

Furthermore, this sanctum is the home to all Cavia Syndicate including Tafger in Warframe.

warframe netracell
You must carry four Keyglyps and complete the Netracells mission to earn weekly rewards.

Keyglyphs secure the Netracells so you must carry all four Keyglyphs to get out of Anchorhold.

After you pick up the Keyglyps you just need to hack the system using cypher to start the mission.

The Bottom Line

The journey of meeting Tagfer starts when you visit the Sanctum Anatomica as it is his home.

Furthermore, there are many Netracells missions that you can take part in once you complete one.

So get ready for the mission with all four Keylgraphs to earn weekly rewards.

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