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Talk To Holiday Boxy About The Stolen Boxes

Players are wondering about the Holiday Boxy’s location to talk to her about the stolen boxes in Fortnite.

This is a specific Winterfest quest in Fortnite that is free for all the players, granting them various rewards.

In Fortnite, players can complete the “Talk to Holiday Boxy about the stolen boxes” quest by landing at a station next to Fencing Fields. However, players must learn that this is a limited-time event quest.

Continue reading this article to learn about the “Talk to Holiday Boxy about the stolen boxes” quest in Fortnite.

Introduction To Holiday Boxy

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 introduced many new NPCs on the map that trade various items with players for gold.

Hence, players must interact with these characters to learn about the different services that they offer.

Similarly, one such character is called “Holiday Boxy” who drops one big shield when players interact with her.

talking to holiday boxy
Choosing to talk to Holiday Boxy about the quest details.

To interact with her, players must press the interact key(E by default) to access more trade options.

Appearance-wise, Holiday Boxy is a festive-themed character that appears in a Christmas box outfit.

Therefore, Fortnite has tied a quest to her during the Winterfest event as she perfectly fits the Christmas theme.

Talk To Holiday Boxy About The Stolen Boxes Quest

Fortnite introduced a new event in the game called the Winterfest Quest, handing out different quests for players.

Moreover, this event is a free-to-play event that gifts many winter-themed gifts to Fortnite players.

Similarly, one quest in the Winterfest event asks players to talk with an NPC- Holiday Boxy.

However, the game does not drop any hints about her location or any other details of the quest.

location of holiday boxy
The exact location of Holiday Boxy on the map.

To locate Boxy, players must travel to the station that lies between the Fencing Fields and Pleasant Piazza.

To be precise, players must mark the black station on the map that is next to the railway tracks between these locations.

Then, players must enter the main floor of the station and interact with Holiday Boxy by pressing the interact key.

In doing so, she will reveal that Krampus has been stealing the Holiday presents, hinting at another quest.

Rewards For Talking To Holiday Boxy About The Boxes

Since the quest is tied to the whole event, players can expect lots of rewards for completing the quest.

Firstly, players will instantly receive 15,000 XP in the game, allowing them to level up for more rewards.

rewards for talking to holiday boxy
15000 XP received after talking to Holiday Boxy about the stolen boxes.

Secondly, the event unlocks the next stage of the quest, asking players to visit Crackshot’s Cabin on a floating island.

Thirdly, it will bring them closer to completing the Winterfest event bar, unlocking event-exclusive rewards.

Also, players will primarily receive one big shield just by interacting with Holiday Boxy which grants 50 shields.

Finally, players can unlock the gifts from Ship It Express that grant them the Holiday Boxy skin.

However, players can receive many more rewards as more quests are revealed in the future.

The Bottom Line

Talking Holiday Boxy is one of the many quests in the Fortnite Winterfest quest that welcomes the holiday season.

However, players might have difficulties tracking her on the map as the game does not provide any information.

Hence, players must persevere as various exclusive rewards await even for free-to-play players during the event.

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