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Tapeworm Cyberpunk Choices: Accept Or Deny

Many players are unable to make correct choices while playing the Tapeworm mission in Cyberpunk 2077.

If Players make a correct decision, they can unlock an extra mission for the additional rewards.

In the Tapeworm Mission, players will be presented with multiple choices at the last stage of conversation in the Pacific’s motel. Ensure to give control of the body, so Johnny can seek revenge and assist players in the mission progression. 

Continue reading to learn more about the Tapeworm quest and players’ choices in Cyberpunk 2077.

Tapeworm Mission In Cyberpunk 

The Tapeworm mission is one of the short quests of Act 2 in Cyberpunk 2077.

In this mission players need to converse with Johnny Silverhand at the motel in the Pacific.

Johnny will grant players an opportunity to help him and take over the body of V.

Players will have an opportunity to accept or deny the offer in the quest, which will have an impact on future missions.

Initially, before entering the quest, players need to engage in the missions after completing a series of missions.

The missions are Life During Wartime, Transmission, Search and Destroy, and Automatic Love.

 Search and destroy mission
Complete the Search and Destroy mission.

Also, the Tapeworm Mission is related to the Nocturne Op55N1 mission.

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Tapeworm Mission Choices In Cyberpunk

If players are willing to progress through the Tapeworm Mission and make the choice to follow the procedure;

1. Meet Johnny

As Johnny Silverhand plays a vital role in the mission, players should head to the Pacifica and reach the motel.

If players have not completed the side-quests, they will eventually die from suffering, so endure to complete all of them.

After meeting Johhny, players follow him and climb through the window to enter the room.

Tapeworm Cyberpunk choices
Climb through the window.

2. Empty Hidey-hole

After entering the room, Johnny will provide a task to open the cache, where the player will find an ornament.

Players can simply take it or build a long conversation about the Mexican conflict.

Make sure to engage in the conversation and select the dialogue option including the bullet option.

3. Tapeworm Cyberpunk Choices: The Decision

There will be multiple conservations of V Johnny in the Tapeworm missions, so ensure to answer all of them.

At last, Johhny will ask players for help with players to seek revenge on Adam Smasher.

Players will be presented with multiple choices in the Tapeworm Mission including,  

Tapeworm Cyberpunk choices
Choices on Tadpole quest.

If players accept Johnny’s request to take control over their bodies, he will appreciate the choice and take revenge on Smasher.

Players need to take him to the afterlife and leave the room through the window.

However, if players deny the offer, Johnny will have no hard feelings but simply respect the decision.

Unfortunately, he won’t be there to guide or assist players in the missions.

The Bottom Line

The players have one of the most difficult choices to make in the Tapeworm mission whether to help Johnny or not.

After the completion of the mission, players will enter Act 3 from Act 2 so there’s no returning back.

To avoid any future consequences, players should give control of their bodies so Johhny can beat his murderer.

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