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Why Is Escape From Tarkov Arena Slow?

Arena is a new project, the first DLC from Escape From Tarkov.

However, the Arena is still in beta, and many players complain about the DLC being slow.

Escape From Tarkov Arena feels slower than the base game because the feature is still in beta version, and the close proximity of users and insufficient culling.

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Escape From Tarkov: Arena

Players can enjoy the Escape From Tarkov: Area if their name appears in the first Waves of the invitees.

Moreover, players can get the DLC for free if they have an Edge Of Darkness game version.

If not, players can get pre-order the version at $35 to challenge themselves in the underground battle.

Further, OG players of Escape of Tarkov will have no issue with Arena as the mechanics and weapons are similar.

The Arena has multiple game modes, including ranked, shootout tournament, team fight, and custom modes.

tarkov arena slow
Select the game mode, choose the weapons, and upgrade the skills.

Hence, players can progress through, focus on build, and level up their skills in Arena, the same as Tarkov.

Moreover, players can have 13 different ratings starting from Marauder at 1 to 1000 rating to The Legend of the Arena.

Players have the opportunity to access gear present classes including Assault, CQB, Scout, and Sniper.

Thankfully, players have multiple Arena locations to take on online gladiators in hidden locations of Tarkov.

A few of the arenas are the air pit, Bay 5, bowl, equator, and sawmill, which are suitable for team fights and shootouts.

Why Is Tarkov Arena Slow?

Many Escape of Tarkov players are happy that the devs released a location with a compact zone for tactical shooting.

However, there are few negativity suggesting Tarkov Arena is Slower than the base game.

Here are a few possible reasons some players might feel Tarkov Arena is slow;

1. Beta Version

The Tarkov Arena is still in beta version and may take a while for the official release. 

After receiving the feedback, and working on maintenance, and optimization, Areana’s performance may increase.

2. Unchanged Settings

Normally in the DLC, the games often appear in unchanged settings, where graphics and overall video quality are high.

Hence, players should initially search for the specifications and change settings depending on their PC.

Players should cap the FPS, downgrade the pixels, and lower other video settings to remove the steadiness.

3. Close Proximity

The Arena is a zone where the enemy and the allies appear nearby in smaller or closed areas.

10 players constantly engaging in the battle without optimization can cause stuttering and lags for someone with a low or medium-end PC.

4. Insufficient Culling

Culling is the process of discarding or excluding the pixels, and objects that are invisible to players for better optimization.

Insufficient culling could be a major reason, many players are struggling to get a hold of the Arena.

The Bottom Line

Escape From Tarkov Arena is still in the early phase; hence a few issues may appear that disrupt the gaming experience.

Players experience ping issues, shutters, FPS drops, packet loss, and lags when entering the zone.

Hopefully, Battlestate Games will hear feedback and come up with an optimized Hotfix.

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