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City Clinic Streets Of Tarkov: A Quest For Survival

One of the most challenging and immersive locations in the game is the Streets of Tarkov.

Among the many quests in this location, one of them involves scouting a City Clinic.

To successfully take down 15 Scavs in the City Clinic Streets area, you’ll need a combination of strategy, awareness, and firepower.

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Location Of The City Clinic In Tarkov

City Clinic is located in the Streets of Tarkov, the ninth map added to the game.

This location is populated with Zombies and various creatures near the Kamchatskaya Arch.

City clinic location
This is the location of the City Clinic.

What Is 15 Scavs Quest Of City Clinic In Tarkov?

15 Scavs quest refers to the killing of parasites in the Parasite quest of Tarkov.

These 15 Scavs are the main creatures of the area to complete the quest.

The game displays a dialogue “After kill 15 scavs you’ll figure out who I am and what I want“.

This points out to be a mysterious man who is ordering you to complete the quest in order to gain rewards.

City clinic street of tarkov
This is the picture of the City clinic streets of Tarkov.
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How To Kill 15 Scavs Of Clinic City In Tarkov?

To successfully take down 15 Scavs in this area, you’ll need a combination of strategy, awareness, and firepower.

Likewise, Team up with other online players and get into a massive battleground to fight parasites.

Various ways to Kill 15 Scavs Of Clinic City in Takov are:

1. Prepare For Battle

Before venturing into Clinic City, ensure you are well-equipped.

Therefore, equip gears that strike a balance between protection and mobility to give you an edge in combat.

2. Map Familiarization

Understanding the layout of Clinic City is crucial and familiarize yourself with the key landmarks, buildings, and vantage points.

Moreover, knowing the terrain will help you navigate efficiently and plan your approach to engage Scavs strategically.

3. Patience And Observation

Rushing into battles, headfirst can be a recipe for disaster so, exercise patience and observe your surroundings. 

Scavs may patrol various areas, so keep an eye out for movement, listen for footsteps, and be prepared for unexpected encounters.

 4. Stealth And Positioning

Utilize stealth to your advantage by moving quietly and avoiding unnecessary noise.

Thus, find positions with good visibility and cover, allowing you to spot Scavs before they spot you.

Likewise, this strategic positioning will give you the upper hand in engagements.

5. Selective Engagements

Not all Scavs need to be eliminated immediately.

So, be selective in your engagements and prioritize targets based on the threat level and proximity.

Also, avoid attracting the attention of multiple Scavs simultaneously to prevent overwhelming confrontations.

Rewards Of Killing 15 Scavs Of City Clinic

Players will gain a lot of exp, roubles, and levels after completing the quest.

There is still a mystery of unlocking a companion who will help you with other battles.

The rewards of the quest are as follows:

RewardsNumber Of Rewards
Roubles300 In normal.

315 Intelligence center Level 1

345 Intelligence center Level 2
Obdolbos 1(cocktail injector)1
Obdolbos 2(cocktail injector)1
These are the rewards you get after completing Parasites quest in Tarkov.

The Bottom Line

Successfully eliminating 15 Scavs in Clinic City requires a combination of preparation, strategy, and adaptability.

By following these simple steps, you can increase your chances of completing the task and emerge victorious in the world of Tarkov.

So, Gear up and go in the streets of Tarkov in order to kill 15 Scavs of City Clinic in Tarkov.

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