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Unknown Toxin Poisoning In Escape From Tarkov: Surviving Tactics

While embarking on the quest in Escape from Tarkov, players encounter the unknown Toxin Poisoning.

Players can only start this task upon accepting the Therapist’s offer and collecting the gas analyzer as the first piece of equipment.

During the Escape from Tarkov quest, players must equip the gas mask (gp5 and gp7) before moving to the unknown Toxin Poisoning area. Also, players can complete several tasks in the quest line or plant the Gas Analyzer to activate the antidote.

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An Overview Of Toxin Poisoning

Players have to embark on the Escape From the Tarkov quest before witnessing the Toxin Poisoning.

Similarly, as a subtask, players have to complete the Therapist’s Poisoning Task, where they have to endure endless toxins.

Upon embarking on this quest, players must prepare accordingly, as they have to face the Toxin poisoning later.

Players must be prepared as this Toxic poisoning can cause a sudden demise within some seconds after the encounter.

Toxin Poisoning in Escape from Tarkov
A player must embark on the Toxin Poisoning in Escape from Tarkov.

Similarly, this toxin introduces an element of unpredictability and urgency among the players, turning the mission into a  life-threatening task.

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Journey To Toxin Poisoning River

Even if it is dangerous to face toxic poisoning, players must travel to the river as part of the storyline.

Likewise, players can initiate this task by talking to the therapist and accepting his offer.

Upon talking to the Therapists, players can get the Gas Analyzer from the Therapists, one of the vital tools in the mission.

Obtaining the Gas Analyzer benefits the players as they can detect any kind of toxins or poison scattered along the main river.

Moreover, players should also equip the Gp5, or Gp7 gas masks before marching to the River full of toxins.

gas mask to endure Toxic poison
A player must equip the Gas mask to endure toxic poison in the game.

However, players have to understand that, they can store their Gasmasks in their Gamma or Alpha container but not in Kappa Container.

Now, players have to navigate to the river beneath the main bridge and beside Smuggler’s Boat to locate the poisoned area.

How To Get Rid Of Unknown Toxin In Tarkov Quest?

Players must find the antidote for the Tarkov toxin to defy the spontaneous and suffocating death in the quest.

Firstly, upon reaching the deadly poisonous area, players can witness the area stretches along the entire river.

Likewise, players can place the Gas Analyzer along the Water’s Edge to get rid of the Unknown toxin in the game.

Once you have successfully planted the Gas Analyzer in the river, you don’t need to survive until its extraction to complete your task.

Secondly, players can also get rid of the unknown Toxin Poisoning by completing the tasks in the Quest Line.

Tasks In Quest Line: Curing The Unknown Toxic Poisoning

To successfully get rid of the Toxic poisoning effect, players must complete the series of events in the Quest Line.

Here are some of the tasks in the Quest line that players must complete to secure the antidote for the Toxic Poisoning.

  1. Initially, place the Gas Analyzer on the River.
  2. Terminate 15 scans around the X-ray house on the streets.
  3. Obtain a cure from the sanitary found in a raid by killing him.
  4. Get virtue or healing with stem barters.
  5. Obtain the option letter from the shoreline.
  6. Find the stim case from labs or lighthouse to get an antidote.
  7. Use the antidote to get rid of the Poison.

The Bottom Line

During Tarkov’s quest, escaping from Tarkov’s unknown toxin poisoning presents a challenging obstacle for the players.

Players must plant the gas analyzer in the water and complete several tasks in the quest line to find the antidote for the toxin.

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