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Woods Map 2024 Guide Of Escape From Tarkov

The Woods map is one of the most popular maps of 2024 in Escape from Tarkov.

However many players find it hard to adapt to this map because of its large area and multiple spawn points.

In Escape from Tarkov, the Woods map is a scenic area as it contains green forests and multiple water bodies throughout many locations. Moreover, it has many loot spots and covers which adds to the allure of this map.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Woods map in Escape from Tarkov.

Attributes Of The Woods Map In Tarkov

Escape of Tarkov has a variety of maps in the game which are themed around different environments.

Similarly, the Woods map grasps the essence of green forests and large hills which makes it unique.

Woods map
A detailed Woods Map in Escape from Tarkov.

Moreover, the multiple extraction points and bosses around the map allow players to make their own choices.

So players must play the Woods map if they want to complete specific missions by killing specific bosses.

Also, players find navigation very easy on this map as the big rock is visible from every spot on the map.

However, it is not a beginner-friendly map as new players can easily get lost in the forest areas.

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Extraction Points In The Woods Map

In Escape from Tarkov, players can partake in raids to attain various rewards on each map.

Players must complete raids by surviving in specific locations which are called extraction points.

However, players must note that not all extraction points are usable by a single faction in the game.

extraction in Northern UN roadblock in Woods map
Performing extraction in Northern UN roadblock in Woods map.

Moreover, some of the rare extraction points are only single-use, meaning that they only spawn once per match.

On the Woods map, there are 8 Scavs extraction points, 3 PMC extraction points, and 5 Co-op extraction points.

The Bridge V-ex requires players to pay 5000 roubles during the match for extraction.

Similarly, players can only access the ZB-014 extraction point by using the ZB-014 key.

Extraction Points Chart Of Woods Map

Below is the detailed chart of all the extraction points of Woods Map in Escape from Tarkov.

Bridge V-ExYesPMC5000 Roubles
Dead Man's PlaceNoScav-
Eastern RocksNoScav-
Factory GateNoAllScav and PMC
Mountain StashNoScav-
Northern UN RoadblockNoPMC-
Old Railway DepotNoScav-
RUAF Gate (PMC)/RUAF Roadblock (Scav)NoAllGreen Flare
Scav BridgeNoScav-
Scav BunkerNoScav-
Scav HouseNoScav-
UN RoadblockNoAll-
ZB-014NoAllGreen Flare + ZB-014 Key
ZB-016NoPMCGreen Flare

The Bottom Line

Players must learn everything about the woods map 2024 if they want to avoid being lost within it.

Therefore, a detailed chart about the map can aid them during their map exploration.

We hope that this article helps players by providing a detailed guideline about the map.

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