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Explore All Tarkov Hideout Profit Modules

The Hideout in Escape from Tarkov is a location where players can craft items, store loot, and upgrade their skills. 

Further, players can then calculate the hideout profit for each item crafted.

In Escape from Tarkov, players can craft various items for profit in different Hideout Modules such as Med Station, Nutrition Unit, Booze Generator, Water Collector, and more. 

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What Is Hideout Profit In Escape From Tarkov?

The Hideout in Escape from Tarkov is a personal base that players can build and improve to access additional features.

Further, it contains various crafting stations where players can craft items to make a profit.

Among the multiple crafts in Tarkov, there are some which make more profit than others in comparison.

Players can make a profit while buying the craft items for a lesser amount and sell them for more.

Additionally, for the Hideout Skills, you can alternate crafts each time in each module.

It will give you bonus points for crafting which will subsequently help to level up faster.

Some of the best hideout crafts include Grizzly Medical kit, Secure Flash Drive, Nixxor Lens, Gunpowder Hawk, and so on.

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Different Modules In The Hideout Profit In Tarkov

There are various modules in the Hideout where players can craft items to make a profit in Escape from Tarkov.

Here are some of the Hideout modules:

1. Med Station

The various craft items in Med Station make a good profit.

You have to buy AI-2s from the flea market and try to get them for less than 4100P.

Then, craft your pile of Meds and sell them for 12,500P to make a huge profit.

However, the AI-2s don’t make a lot of money but are good for cycling crafts that’ll make you a profit.

2. Nutrition Unit

The nutrition unit contains some useful items for quests such as chocolate bars and energy drinks.

However, making profits in this unit is quite challenging as compared to other units.

Nutrition unit Hideout module for profit in Tarkov
The Nutrition unit is one of the Hideout Modules to craft items in Tarkov.

You can start by buying chocolate bars for less than 20,000P to craft sugar for less amount.

Further, you can also make a profit by drinking the bottles of water.

3. Water Collector

Water collector is one of the easiest modules to make money without using many skills.

It requires 66 out of 100 units to make super water so making a profit is much easier.

Additionally, the input cost for each ingredient is the lowest among all modules.

4. Booze Generator

Crafting a moonshine is the only way to gain a bonus in the Booze Generator.

However, it does not make much profit as it has a sale price lower than the input cost.

5. Intelligent Center

Here, you can craft Military flash drives and Intel that make huge profits.

Make sure to purchase these items from the Flea market for a less amount to increase your profit.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, players can craft items in the Hideout modules to make a good profit in Escape from Tarkov.

You can focus on crafting items that take less time and ingredients to craft.

Additionally, there are multiple hideout modules to try and craft a unique item each time for more profit.

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