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How To Complete The Gravitational Anomaly In Starfield?

Gravitational Anomaly is a part of the Into the Unknown Mission in Starfield.

Furthermore, players must find a temple to complete the mission.

Gravitational Anomaly links itself to Temple ETA in Starfield. However, the information surrounding the Anomaly is vague, and players can go round and round the Procyon III planet before understanding the root cause of the Anomaly.

Continue reading to discover more about the Gravitational Anomaly and complete the mission in Starfield.

What Is The Gravitational Anamoly In Starfield?

Gravitational Anomaly is a part of the Into the Unknown mission in Starfield.

Furthermore, this mission makes players follow various distortions on the scanner in Procyon III.

After reaching the Procyon III, players must explore the planet for various Gravitational Anomalies.

Furthermore, the scanner will distort whenever it comes close to an Anomaly.

Players can start by finding anomalies near the landing site or venture out to find the anomalies that are far away.

Furthermore, players will also hear various gravely crackles when they are near the anomalies.

Thus, players can get more cues on where the anomalies are.

However, players must also find another area within the Procyon III to understand the Gravitational Anomaly in Starfield.

The area they must find is the Temple ETA. They will find this temple while exploring the planet and looking into the Anomaly.

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How To Complete The Gravitational Anomaly In Starfield?

After reaching the Temple ETA, the mission marker will shift to the temple door. Players must enter the door, which is in between the rocks.

Temple ETA entrance starfield
Find the temple ETA entrance to reach the Gravitational Anomaly in Starfield.

Here is a list of ways to complete the Gravitational Anamoly in Starfield:

1. Find The Temple ETA

The first thing you must do is find the temple ETA. Players can simply follow the scanner distortion until they come across the temple.

Furthermore, once they reach the temple, their marker will shift directly to the temple door.

Thus, players can enter the temple by following the marker. Once inside, the other step will begin.

temple eta location for gravitational anomaly
Temple ETA map location for the source of Gravitational Anomaly in the Starfield.

2. Power The Spinning Rings

After you enter the temple ETA, you will be in a zero gravity area. Here, you will find spinning rings at the center of the area.

You must intensify the rings to progress.

To intensify the spinning rings, you must find a small cluster of stars spread around the area.

You will notice them shimmering in the area; just fly up to them and intensify the spinning rings.

After the rings completely power up, it will slow down to activate a portal.

Once the portal activates, enter the portal, and this will activate a small cutscene.

source of gravitational anomaly starfield
Activate the spinning rings to learn about the Gravitational Anomaly in Starfield.

3. Obtain The Anti-Gravity Field Power

After the cutscene ends, players will obtain the anti-gravity field power. However, it does not end here.

You must fast travel back to the lodge. Then, from the character menu, go to the power menu and pick the anti-gravity field power.

Then, use the power in front of the lodge members.

Finally, talk with the lodge members and complete the Anomaly quest.

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The Bottom Line

Players must find the Temple EtA to get to the roots of the Gravitational Anomaly in Starfield.

Furthermore, once they decipher the entire mission, they even obtain a great power to aid them in the game’s later stages.

However, players may find the mission lacking in information because it focuses on finding other Anomaly areas instead of finding the primary source.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in completing the Gravitational Anomaly in Starfield.

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