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TavernAI Characters – How To Import And Use Them?

With the help of GPT architecture and API platforms, you can create and chat with TavernAI Characters.

You can chat with already present Characters or create new Characters in TavernAI. Furthermore, you can import ready-made Characters and transfer them from the CharacterAI.

Continue reading to learn about creating, finding and importing new and ready-made Characters to TavernAI.

TavernAI Characters – What You Should Know

TavernAI is an “adventure atmospheric” chat where we can create, deploy, import and chat with the Characters.

You can find different categories of Characters once you open it.

Introduction to TavernAI Characters
You can create or import Characters in TavernAI.

Furthermore, you can select any category and click on any Character to chat with them.

Moreover, it is an uncensored version that can disturb some users while playing with the Characters.

However, you can enable or disable NSFW (Not Safe For Work) toggle to remove Characters’ vulgar and disturbing responses.

How To Chat With TavernAI Characters?

You can easily chat with the already present Characters in the TavernAI.

However, you need to enter API and API Keys to get a connection before chatting with them.

You can follow the steps below to chat with the Characters.

  1. Select any Character and go to Settings.
  2. Now, click on API and select any API.
API in TavernAI
Different API platforms support TavernAI.
  1. Generate API Keys from any API platform like OpenAI API Keys.
Creating API Keys
You can create a secret API key through your OpenAI account.
  1. Now, copy the new API Key to the API Key section.
Copying API key to TavernAI
Copying the newly created API key.
  1. Click on “Connect” and start chatting in the message box.

How To Create New TavernAI Characters?

With TavernAI, you can also create new Characters of your imagination. You can follow the steps below to create a new one.

  1. Click the “” button and select “+New Character.
  2. Now, you can add the Character’s name, description, and first message.
Creating new character in TavernAI
It supports creating new Characters.
  1. Choose an image for the Character and click the “create” button.

Furthermore, there is an “Advanced Edit” option for the Characters.

The advanced edit has more options like personality summary, scenario and dialogues.

Advance edit feature of TavernAI.
You can edit the Characters’ personalities, scenarios and dialogue.

Moreover, you can add brief descriptions of Characters, dialogue contexts and more distinct personalities of the Characters.

Where Can You Find and Import Characters For TavernAI?

If you are bored with creating your Characters, you can find ready-made Characters on different websites.

booru plus for readymade characters
You can find ready-made Characters on the booru plus website.

You can find it at “,” “,” and unofficial discord groups.

How To Import Ready Characters For TavernAI?

You can easily import Characters in TavernAI after finding some ready-made on different websites.

  1. Go to “” and select any ready Characters.
  2. Then, right-click and click “save as” and save it in a secure location.
  3. Go to TavernAIClick the “☰” button > Select+Import.”
Importing characters in TavernAI.
You can import ready-made Characters in TavernAI.
  1. Select the saved file from the location, and Characters will be automatically imported.

How to Transfer Characters From CharacterAI?

CharacterAI is an AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) Company that allows users to create, deploy and train AI Characters.

You can transfer Characters from CharacterAI in simple ways.

  1. First, go to ViolentMonkey and add it as an extension on your browser.
  2. Install the Userscript.
Installing userscript
Installing the g user script is necessary to download Characters from Character AI.
  1. Save chat with any Character in CharacterAI and click “View Saved Chats.
  2. Wait for a few seconds and click the “Download” link.
Downloading Character using Userscript
You can download Character using Userscript.
  1. Go to Tavern AI and click the “+import” button.
  2. Select the downloaded file from CharacterAI, and the Character will be transferred.

The Bottom Line

TavernAI is best known for creating and chatting with fictional Characters.

Furthermore, you can also import ready-made Characters and transfer them from the CharacterAI.

If you are a bot developer or Character editor, there is an advanced edit option to customize them as you wish.

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