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Tavern AI No Connection – 5 Ways To Fix It

Tavern AI is bringing your imaginary characters into reality with the help of Artificial Intelligence and GPT architecture.

You can create, deploy and chat with those characters in Tavern AI.

Furthermore, users encounter no connection issues while using Tavern AI, resulting from a slow internet connection, an exposed API key, or an installation problem. 

However, you can fix this issue by changing the API, creating a new API key, using a VPN, etc.

Continue reading to learn how to use Tavern AI and details about fixing your device’s Tavern AI no connection problem.

What Is Tavern AI And How To Use It?

Tavern AI is an “adventure atmospheric” chat where we can chat with different characters conversationally.

We can work with TavernAI with APIs like KoboldAI, NovelAI, Pygmalion, and OpenAI ChatGPT.

Introduction to TavernAI
You can create, deploy and chat with characters in Tavern AI.

Furthermore, we can create characters with personality setups and use the online character library of Tavern AI.

After you set up your character in Tavern AI, you can also choose a name and avatar for your character and chat with them in the message box.

Moreover, you can work with various AI models and import chat from CAI (Computer Aided Information).

How To Use Tavern AI?

You can use Tavern AI locally on your device or with Google Colab using Cloudflare or Localtunnel.

Furthermore, follow the steps below to use TavernAI.

  1. Go to Tavern AI, and then Google Colab will open.
  2. Choose Cloudflare or Localtunnel and click the “run cell” button.
Using Tavern AI in Google Colab
You can use Localtunnel or Cloudflare to run Tavern AI.
  1. Now, click the link after the model starts.
Link to start TavernAI
Tavern AI will start in a new tab after following the given link.

Therefore, Tavern AI will open in a new tab after following the link.

Causes Of Tavern AI No Connection Issue

Tavern AI can show “No Connection…” in the API Key section if you have slow internet, use an old and leaked API key and have an installation problem.

Furthermore, let’s discuss the reasons for Tavern AI showing No connection.

1. Slow Internet Connection

If you use an internet connection with slow bandwidth, you might run into this issue with Tavern AI.

The models and APIs used in the Tavern AI need internet access with a fast connection to interact with the characters.

2. Exposed API Key

If you share your API key with others or expose it in other browsers, platforms that provide the API key can rotate the API key.

Furthermore, to protect the security of your account, the API key’s platform will change your API key.

3. Installation Problem

If you try to install Tavern AI locally on your device using the code in GitHub, you might get issues during the installation.

And, those issues or vulnerabilities during installation can create no connection issue in Tavern AI.

4. Location Or The IP address

As we know, Tavern AI is an uncensored version where we can find disturbing images and texts for some of the users.

Therefore, you might encounter no connection issue in your location while accessing Tavern AI due to the uncensored version’s restrictions.

Tavern AI No Connection – 5 Ways To Fix

Following are some fixes if you are experiencing Tavern AI no connection issues.

1. Change The API

Once you start the Tavern AI, you must select one of the APIs from Kobold AI, OpenAI, and NovelAI.

Changing API in TavernAI
Different API platforms support Tavern AI.

You can encounter a Tavern AI no connection issue if one of those APIs does not support your device.

Therefore, changing the API platform can fix the issue.

2. Create A New API Key

If changing the API platform does not fix the issue, creating a new API key can be the solution.

You can change your API key by following the steps below.

  1. Go to Open API keys and click Create a new secret key (For OpenAI API).
Creating API keys in OpenAI
You can easily create new API keys on the OpenAI website.
  1. After creating a new API key, copy the generated key.
Creating a new secret API key for Tavern AI.
Creating a new secret API key for Tavern AI.
  1. Now, paste the new key in the API Key section.
Copying the newly created API key.
Copying the newly created API key.

Therefore, click the connect button and check whether the No Connection issue is fixed.

3. Use A Reliable VPN

Tavern AI is an uncensored version that may be unavailable in your location or IP address.

You can fix the Tavern AI no connection issue using a reliable VPN. Follow the steps below to enable VPN.

  1. Download a VPN and install it if you don’t have a VPN.
Proton VPN is one of the best and most cost-free VPNs.
  1. Create an account and connect to any available server.
Using Proton VPN.
Proton VPN is one of the best and most free VPNs.

After connecting to the VPN, restart the Tavern AI and check if the issue is fixed.

4. Check Your Internet Connection

Another reason for Tavern AI’s no connection issue can be a slow internet connection on your device.

You can check your connection speed on or Speed test by Ookla.

Moreover, you can try the fixes below if your internet speed is slow.

  1. Restart your router and modem.
  2. Change your Wi-Fi frequency.
  3. Install ISP that provides higher bandwidth.
Continue reading to learn how to fix slow internet issues on laptop.

5. Properly Install Tavern AI

Some issues during the installation can cause the no connection issue in Tavern AI.

Installing TavernAI using the command line
Tavern AI will run smoothly if no vulnerabilities are found during installation.

If some vulnerabilities are present during the installation, we can see them in the command line, as in the above image.

Therefore, you must follow a proper installation guide of TavernAI to avoid any vulnerabilities during installation.

The Bottom Line

Tavern AI shows no connection in the message box, mainly if you have used an old API key for a long time.

However, some other connection issues and installation problems can arise this problem in TavernAI.

Hopefully, some fixes in this article will help you fix the issue in Tavern AI.

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