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Is TF2 Shutting Down In 2024?

Recent reports suggest that TF2 Source 2 will be shutting down in 2024, which has taken many fans by surprise.

Players are curious to know whether TF2 Source 2 is actually shutting down or if it is only a rumor.

TF2 source 2 is shutting down in 2024 as they face several major obstacles. Initially, they mentioned that the code had become unusable after recent changes to the s&box engine. Then, they also received a DMCA takedown from Valve on all their public GitHub repositories.

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What Is Team Fortress Source 2?

Team Fortress: Source 2 is a fan project aiming to port Valve’s classic shooter to the Source 2 engine.

Further, the TF2 Source 2 was never an official Valve project but rather an ambitious fan project aimed at remaking TF2.

This project was envisioned as a new version of the beloved game on the s&box platform.

The team had more than 20 volunteers working on porting assets from the base game and rebuilding Team Fortress 2 mechanics.

However, the recent major engine changes in s&box rendered the project’s code unusable, and Valve’s intervention was the final blow.

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TF2 Source 2 DMCA Explained

The Source 2 project intended to breathe new life into the beloved game by leveraging the capabilities of the updated engine.

Unfortunately, the project faced a significant setback when Valve issued a DMCA takedown demand.

It received DMCA takedown from Valve on all its public GitHub repositories and all its forks made by the community.

Initially, a theory was circulating that the DMCA strike wasn’t actually initiated by Valve themselves.

But someone impersonating them or a freshly hired law firm acting on behalf of Valve Corporation.

tf2 source 2 shutting down 2024
The TF2 source 2 team revealed that Valve did DMCA to them.

However, after contacting Valve’s legal team directly, the source 2 team received confirmation that they indeed sent the notice.

While the TF2 fans were really excited for the Source 2 project Valve ruined it for them.

Moreover, the developers are grateful to the TF2 Source 2 community for their support over the last three years.

Valve’s action led to removing the project’s GitHub repositories, effectively rendering it officially dead.

Is Valve Shutting Down TF2?

The item servers are not available in TF2, which made players think that Valve is shutting down TF2 in 2024.

However, Valve has not made any official statement about shutting down TF2, and the game is still very popular on Steam.

As for the official Team Fortress 2 servers, Valve has no official announcement regarding their shutdown.

However, Valve holds the rights to the game The Fortress 2 so they used DMCA strikes to protect the games from the fan project.

Ultimately, Valve issued a DMCA takedown notice against the project, forcing them to shut down completely.

Fans are disappointed with this takedown as the TF2 community has put so much time and work into TF2 just to keep it alive.

Whereas, Valve hasn’t even done the bare minimum to help it update further.

While Valve did not officially announce their own TF2: Source 2 project, many speculate that the takedown could indicate plans for their own future involvement with the franchise.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the TF2 Source 2 project aimed to recreate a new TF2 experience in the Source 2 engine.

Unfortunately, the project ran into a couple of major obstacles including the DMCA report by the Valve.

Fans were disappointed with the shutdown because they couldn’t experience the unique TF2 source 2.

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