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Diablo 4 Kulles Heart: Search The Vaults For Zoltun Journals

Diablo 4 has come up with the new Season of the Construct, featuring quests where players need to navigate the Nightmare Vaults.

In the Season of the Construct, players will embark on a quest to search the vaults for Zoltun journals.

However, Diablo 4 Kulles Heart is a seasonal quest where players defeat vault bosses and navigate through the Gatehall.

Continue reading this article to learn more about the Kulles Heart and Search The Vaults For Zoltun.

Diablo 4: A Season Quest Kulles Heart

The new Diablo 4 Season of the Construct features the Companion, Nightmare Vaults and events like Arcane Tremors.

However, Kulles Heart is one of the seasonal quests in Diablo 4: Season of the Construct.

Players need to navigate through the vaults,  get the Warden Chest, avoid the traps and find the Zoltun journal.

However, players will encounter the Vault Siglis dropping from enemies once they reach World Tier 3.

Upon reaching World Tier 3, players can use these sigils to enter a Vault.

Hence, these dungeons act as one of the main activities in the endgame during the Season of the Construct.

Search The Vaults For Zoltun Kulle

Vault Dungeons is one of the main new mechanics introduced in Diablo 4 Season 3.

These vaults are filled with Elemental Hazards and Constructs, new enemies powered by the ancient technology of the Loom.

Hence, the Loom, which was designed by Zoltun Kulle and Ayuzhan of Caldeum, a former companion of Zoltun has been corrupted.

However, players need to navigate through the shifting sand of Kehjistan to venture into the Vault.

Similarly, they need to move with arcane energy to locate the Vault of Zoltun Kulle.

Within the vaults, a fusion of twisted metal, ancient magic, and scientific innovation, the Loom has fallen under Malphas’ control.

Moreover, enemies presented in the Vaults will try to stop players from completing the dungeon.

access Vaults through Gateways in The Gatehall
Vaults can be accessed through Gateways in The Gatehall.

As players progress through the questline, they will venture into the Gatehall, a central hub located beneath Kehjistan.

Moreover, the Gatehall serves as the base of operations and provides access to the treacherous Vault.

Here is the guide that players can follow to get the Zoltun Journals.

1. Enter The Gatehall

In Diablo, to enter the new hub i.e. The Gatehall, players need to continue the questline.

Subsequently, players need to save the NPC Ayuzhan of Caledum, a companion of Zoltun Kulle there.

Zoltun Kulle’s Companion will bring players to the Gatehall, a primary hub and a Construct-built town centre underneath Kehjistan.

2. Defeat The Vault Boss

Defeat Elite Constructs and Herald Constructs to obtain Pearls of Warding.

Upon entering the Vault and after converting the required Pearls of Warding players can be blessed by Zoltun’s Warding.

The new Construct monster family
The new Construct monster family in their different elemental variants.

Hence, this is a special layered blessing that grants access to riches within the Vaults.

3. Find The Warden Chest

Players may fall into traps while searching for Warden Chest in the Vault.

However, players must be careful and avoid the traps for the Warden Chest to proceed further and to find the journal.

4. Collect The Journal

Players should open the Chest and collect the Zoltun journals.

To open a Warden Chest, players need to keep their Zoltun’s Warding stacks intact until the Vault Boss is defeated.

Moreover, players must hunt for the Warden Chests until they have read all of Zoltun Kulle’s journal entries.

However, after completing the whole quest line, Kulle’s Heart quest is bugged for some players as the journals do not drop. 

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