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Conquer The Hardest Boss: Lies Of P

Lies of P is a Soul-like action RPG video game developed by Neowiz.

This game follows the story of Pinocchio searching for his creator, Geppetto in a dark city called Belle Époque.

The hardest boss in Lies of P depends on the playstyle and player preferences. Some of the most challenging bosses include King’s Flame: Fucco, Fallen Archbishop Andreus, Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood: Romeo, King of Puppets.

Continue reading the article to discover how to defeat the hardest boss in Lies of P in detail.

Introduction To Lies Of P Boss

Life of P features various challenging boss battles as part of its gameplay.

Each boss has its own set of attacks and abilities which requires unique strategies to defeat them.

They are challenging but fair enough and can be defeated with careful planning and execution.

Some of the bosses you can encounter in the game are:

  • Parade Master
  • Mad Donkey
  • Scrapped Watchman
  • Puppet of the Future
  • King’s Flame, Fuoco
  • The Atoned
  • Fallen Archbishop Andreus
  • Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

Who Is The Hardest Boss In Lies Of P?

Different players have different gaming patterns so it depends on the player which boss is hardest to encounter.

Also, the class of the characters players select including Balanced, Dexterity or Strength plays a vital role.

Each boss has unique attack patterns, so learning to dodge or block them is important.

Likewise, you can take advantage of the environment, using pillars or obstacles to avoid their attacks.

Upgrading your weapons and armor will give you a better chance of defeating the boss.

Star Fragments can be used to summon an AI companion called Spectator to help you in the fight.

Also, the rewards players get after defeating the bosses may vary from player to player.

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How To Defeat The Hardest Boss In Lies Of P?

Bosses require precise timing, quick reflexes, and mastery of the game’s mechanics to overcome.

Some of the most Difficult Bosses to defeat, based on players’ experiences are:

1. Scrapped Watchman

Difficulty: 6/10

The specter is a great distraction for the Scrapped Watchman which can deal some damage.

Position yourself behind the boss whenever possible.

Phase 1: Use a charged heavy attack to get behind for a critical attack quickly.

Phase 2: The boss will use an unlockable combo string that you can dodge or parry.

Rewards: Quartz, Broken Hero’s Ergo, Core, Overcharged Storage Battery, Key item and over 5000 Ergo.

scrapped watchman
Scrapped Watchman is one of the hardest bosses in Lies of P.

2. Black Rabbit Brotherhood

Difficulty: 7/10

It is a rematch against a reanimated eldest and three remaining brethren who will attack you individually.

Equip the Murderer’s puppet Amulet for more human damage.

Try to get behind the brethren for a backstab after they’ve finished a sequence of attacks.

Each brethren has an elemental weapon (Decay, Shcok, Overheat).

When only two brethren will remain, the Eldest will join the fight.

Rewards: Quartz x1 and Bronze: Revenge of black X

black rabbit brotherhood
Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P

3. Puppet King

Difficulty: 7.5/10

Stay close to the boss, as the King of Puppet has massive arms and is heavily armored.

Constantly moves around his legs and 2-3 hits before retreating.

Face Romeo who wields a scythe with a good amount of damage.

The boss reanimates a puppet scrap and sports a different set of moves.

Rewards: Burnt-White King’s Ergo, Puppet Prince’s Formal Dress and Someone’s Necklace.

king of puppets
King Of Puppets in Lies of P

4. Mad Clown Puppet

Difficulty: 7.5/10

It is very fast and powerful with unpredictable attack patterns.

A series of flame and grenade-throwing puppets also protect him.

Eventually, you must kill all the other puppets to get to the boss; activating Stargazer will help.

Once the street is clear, aim for the top of the stairs instead of the boss.

Finally, you will need to perform Perfect Parries to get him groggy to perform a Fatal Strike.

Rewards: Quartz

mad clown puppet
Mad Clown Puppet.

5. Puppet-Devouring Green Monster And Green Monster Of The Swamp

Difficulty: 8.5/10

Phase 1: Spider-like creature that turns into a mechanized puppet scrap halfway through the fight. Stay close to nullify the attack otherwise, you will get decayed.

Phase 2: Avoid the pierces when he twists his body, slashes, and rampages.

Rewards: Golden Ergo and Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo.

green monster of the swamp
Green Monster of the Swamp.

The Bottom Line

The above-mentioned information about the hardest boss relies on the other players’ gaming patterns and opinions.

Meanwhile, each boss requires specific strategies, such as dodging, parrying, or exploiting vulnerabilities during battle phases.

Hence, conquering these bosses will reward you with various Ergos, Quartz and a few other rewards.

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