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Smite 2: Unveiling New Gods

Players are excited about the release of Smite 2 10 years after the release of the original game.

However, many are curious about the new skins and gods in the new release.

The confirmed gods in Smite 2, initially featuring 25 playable characters during the Alpha phase, include familiar faces such as Bacchus, Loki, and Cernunnos, while details about new gods are yet to be revealed.

In this article, we will discuss if there are any new gods in Smite 2.

Smite 2 Release 

Smite 2 in 2024 is bringing a new era for the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game.

With updated graphics and improved animations, players are experiencing a fresh and enhanced gaming environment.

The announcement, however, has sparked diverse reactions within the Smite community.

Some players are thrilled about the improved visuals and enhanced gameplay features.

However, there are concerns regarding transferring existing skins to the new version.

Players are exploring the possibilities and challenges presented by Smite 2.

Furthermore, many are eager to see how the game evolves in this new iteration.

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Confirmed Gods In Smite 2

In Smite 2, the roster of confirmed gods reflects a blend of familiar faces from Smite 1 and some exciting additions.

Notable gods like Bacchus, Anhur, and Loki continue to showcase their prowess in the updated game.

Players can expect an array of divinities from various pantheons, each with unique abilities and playstyles.

The transition to Smite 2 retains the essence of the original game.

Likewise, it preserves iconic characters while introducing enhancements to their abilities.

The confirmed ones bridge the familiarity of Smite 1 with the fresh dynamics of Smite 2.

Moreover, it promises an engaging experience for both veteran and new players.

loki gods new
Loki is a confirmed god for Smite 2 Alpha.

In Smite 2, the roster of playable gods has significantly changed compared to the original Smite game.

During the Alpha phase of Smite 2, the starting lineup consists of 25 playable gods. 

Confirmed Gods for Smite 2 Alpha (10 gods):

  1. Bacchus
  2. Anhur
  3. Ymir
  4. Anubis
  5. Bellona
  6. Chaac
  7. Kukulkan
  8. Odin
  9. Cernunnos
  10. Loki

It’s important to note that the Alpha version will only feature 25 playable gods initially, and the list may expand over time.

Moreover, all the gods from Smite 1 are expected to make their way to Part 2 eventually. 

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New Gods In Smite 2

As for the new gods making their debut in the Smite sequel, the developers have teased an exciting lineup to expand the divine battlefield.

While specific details are limited, players can anticipate encountering fresh faces and discovering unique powers in the evolving pantheon.

As of now, specific details about any new gods are not confirmed.

gods smite 2
The Smite alpha version will only feature 25 playable gods.

The introduction of new gods adds an element of surprise and strategic depth to the game.

Additionally, it invites players to explore uncharted territories and adapt their gameplay to the diverse abilities.

The anticipation surrounding the arrival of these gods fuels the community’s excitement and curiosity.

The Bottom Line

The announcement of Smite 2 in 2024 marks a significant milestone for the beloved game.

The community expresses both enthusiasm and concerns, particularly regarding skin transfers.

However, the confirmed gods in Smite 2 bridge the familiarity of the original game with fresh dynamics.

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