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Find Out Why The Finals Beta Rewards Went Missing

Many players have expressed their concern about missing their beta version rewards in the Finals full release.

Players who participated in the beta version of the Finals are confused as they found those rewards are not being carried over.

After Finals launched its full release on December 7, 2023, several players were concerned as their rewards from the beta version went missing. Nevertheless, the developers have already stated that the only items that get carried over are the beta battle pass rewards and some of the cosmetics.

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Introduction To The Finals Beta Version

Before launching its complete product, The Finals released its beta version for players to have an early experience.

Similarly, in the beta version of The Finals, players could even experience the storyline by participating in several quests.

Upon Completing the Quests, players can also get enticing rewards from the Finals beta version.

the finals beta version
A player is enjoying the beta version of the finals.

However, several users have raised their concerns regarding the beta version rewards as it went missing in its full release.

Users have made quite a discussion in the gaming communities and are facing a dilemma regarding this issue.

Firstly, players must understand the purpose of the beta phase to understand why the rewards didn’t carry over.

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Actual Purpose Of Beta Version

Even if it allowed users to experience the gameplay in the beta version, the primary use of the beta version is to test the game.

The Beta game was not designed for the users to accumulate the credits and rewards for the official game release.

Instead, developers introduced the beta version for them to test the features of the game if it is working correctly or not.

the finals battle pass
Players must purchase the Finals Battle Pass to get enticing rewards.

The Beta version is kind of a testing version for the developer to identify and rectify possible bugs and issues.

The game always releases its beta version to test the game before releasing its full version with excitement and bug-free.

However, there were some items that players can use as carry-over from the beta version of the Finals.

The only items that carry over are beta Battlepass rewards and cosmetics in its full release.

Missing Rewards In The Finals

After the release of the final version, the finals have left numerous gaming community members confused and disappointed.

Some of the players have mentioned that even their Twitch drop items went missing in the official release.

Moreover, users have also mentioned missing the League reward in the official game, which adds another level of frustration.

Players are even raising questions like their eligibility in the game’s official release and their overall character transfer process.

However, developers have responded with an answer regarding this issue in The Finals.

They explained that only the cosmetic items and the Beta Battle pass rewards can carry over.

Moreover, the ranked rewards and Twitch drops should have carried over so they will investigate the issue.

The Bottom Line

Users should not worry about this issue as the rewards from the beta version were not meant to be carried out in the final version.

Players cannot carry over their rewards from the beta version to the full release, as it only allows certain cosmetic items and battle pass rewards.

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