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The Relief Of Shar In Baldur’s Gate 3: Loots And Rewards

Relief of Shar in BG3 is a crucial location or secret treasure room for Shadowheart’s objectives filled with puzzles and even more expensive loot. 

This location is full of challenges and surprises, making it an exciting part of the game for players to explore.

Relief of Shar in BG3 requires strategic thinking, teamwork, and resource management to overcome puzzles and combat encounters in the Gauntlet of Shar.

In this article, we will delve into the Relief of Shar and discuss the significance of this location in BG3.

Introduction To Relief Of Shar 

The Relief of Shar is located in the Silent Library, which is a part of the Gauntlet of Shar.

The Gauntlet of Shar is a hidden temple that contains a series of trials and puzzles that test the faith and skill of Shar’s followers.

It is not just about combat and puzzles, players also encounter various non-playable characters (NPCs).

They provide players with unique interactions, quests, and dialogue options, allowing diverse perspectives.

Gauntlet Of Shar BG3
Gauntlet Of Shar in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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How To Reach Relief Of Shar In BG3?

The Relief of Shar is a secret treasure room that can be found in the Silent Library, a part of the Underdark that is filled with books and lore.

Firstly, the player must be within the Reitwin Graveyard in the Grand Mausoleum to access the Gauntlet of Shar.

Then, they need to collect the Umbral Gem and enter the next region where players will be encountered with many choices leading them to meet the Balthazar.

Surely, after more exploring, players will encounter many options leading to achieving valuable items.

Followed by a meet-up with the well-known NPC character Raphael.

To find the remaining Umbral Gems, players must complete the Sharran Trials.

When the players reach the final platform, they must retrieve the Umbral Gem transport themselves to where they started, and exit the area.

To reach Relief of Shar, players need to follow the steps below:

1. Enter The Silent Library In BG3

After exploring all the above-mentioned locations players finally enter The Silent Library.

It is located at X:-756 Y:-753, where the players can enter through a white barrier and avoid Justiciar enemies.

The nearest space is called the Faith-Leap Trial, which demands that you jump while unable to make out the contours of ledges.

The Silent Library In BG3
The Silent Library In BG3

As implied by its name, players cannot use any Baldur’s Gate 3 spells when they are within the Silent Library.

BG3’s Shadowheart’s road to becoming a Dark Justiciar includes completing the Baldur’s Gate Silent Library puzzle.

Thus it should come as no surprise that we advise bringing Shadowheart along while players fight their way through the Gauntlet of Shar challenges.

If players cannot disarm traps themselves, bringing Astarion together is worthwhile.

2. Solve The Silent Library Puzzle

The library itself is easy to miss whereas the Silent Library puzzle can easily leave you in a dilemma.

  1. Players should go towards the north of the Gauntlet of Shar waypoint, where they will find the Silent Library.
  2. Likewise, players must descend the stairs and walk down the hallway to get there.
  3. Thus, they must prioritize any melee-focused characters in their party when fighting the attackers there.
  4. After the players get through the battle, they unlock the Treasure Room.
  5. Then, they need to locate the third bookshelf to the east of the Riddle of the Night plinth to get Teachings of Loss: The Nightsinger off its shelves.
  6. The book “Teachings of Loss: The Nightsinger” is the key to solving the puzzle.
  7. Ultimately, to access the Relief of Shar and the accompanying secret treasure room, the player must place that book on the plinth to activate it.
  8. Then the player can open the Gilded Chest beyond the altar up ahead and take the Spear of Night from there for extra prizes.
  9. After resolving the Silent Library challenge, you can now go through the Gauntlet of Shar to locate the Nightsong.

What Rewards And Loot Do You Get In Relief Of Shar?

As a reward for solving the puzzle players receive a total of three pieces of equipment in the treasure room which include:

  • Dark Justiciar Helmet
  • Dark Justiciar Half-plate
  • Spear of Night 

The Bottom Line

The relief of Shar BG3 is an essential location in the Gauntlet of Shar Baldur’s Gate 3.

Relief of Shar’s puzzles, enemies, and valuable loot contribute to the gameplay experience.

While the diverse perspectives of the NPCs of Relief of Shar enrich the narrative aspect of BG3.

Additionally, it is highly recommended to those who want to unravel the mysteries of this intriguing realm.

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