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How To Fix Tiktok Verification Puzzle Not Working?

In recent years, TikTok has grown to become one of the most popular social media sites, garnering millions of users worldwide.

With TikTok’s rapid expansion, the requirement for verification has become increasingly critical.

The TikTok verification puzzle is not working. You can fix it by upgrading the app, testing using as a guest, or using a different browser or device.

This article discusses the importance of TikTok verification, its issues, why it is not working, and steps for troubleshooting it.

Importance Of Tiktok Verification

TikTok verification acts as a trust indicator for users, separating genuine accounts from imposters.

It gives content creators, influencers, and celebrities a feeling of legitimacy and credibility.

Verified accounts are more likely to attract followers, collaborate, and receive brand sponsorships, giving them a sought-after position.

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Common Issues Of Tiktok Verification

Despite its importance, many users have difficulty earning the desired verification badge.

One recurring concern is TikTok’s lack of openness surrounding its authentication procedure.

TikTok, unlike other social media networks like as Twitter and Instagram, does not give explicit criteria or verification procedures.

Because of a lack of information, users are left wondering and attempting to grasp the criteria TikTok employs to offer verification.

Another difficulty that customers confront is the overwhelming amount of verification requests received by TikTok.

The site is flooded with requests from millions of users fighting for verification, making the process very competitive.

The restricted amount of verification badges available exacerbates the situation by ignoring many worthy users.

Furthermore, there have been reports of confirmed accounts being wrongly terminated or losing their verification status.

TikTok’s unpredictability and lack of responsibility disappoint users who have worked hard to gain verification.

Troubleshooting Steps For Tiktok Verification Puzzle

Here are some troubleshooting steps for the Tiktok verification puzzle

1. Examine Your Internet Connection

Check that your device has a robust and consistent internet connection.

If feasible, connect over WiFi or relocate to a location with better cellphone reception.

Check your internet speed including upload and download speed using the Fast website.

check internet tiktok
Check your internet using the Fast website.

2. TikTok App Upgrade

Check the app store on your device for any TikTok upgrades that are available.

Install any outstanding updates before relaunching the app.

3. Use Guest Mode To Test 

To access the verification puzzle again, follow these processes:

  1. Open TikTok and press your profile to reach the side menu.
  2. Then, select Log out, and then reopen TikTok.

4. Attempt Using A Different Device Or Browser

Install TikTok on a different device or use your mobile browser to connect to your account.

If another device works fine, then the issue may be isolated to your original phone.

reddit tiktok verification
Community discussion about the verification puzzle on Reddit.

The Bottom Line

Users can resolve the TikTok verification puzzle issue and enjoy the benefits of having a verified account.

If you want to solve it, the best way is by testing the issue using the account as a guest account.

Therefore, the issue of the verification puzzle might be solved when TikTok releases an update.

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