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What Are Totk Horse Upgrade Recipes?

Horses in the Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) aid you in conveniently wandering around the Hyrule being your faithful friend.

Interestingly, Horses react to your regimes satisfactorily by avoiding enemy attacks, carrying huge loads and charging enemies.

However, you need to upgrade your Horses and it can be done by feeding Malanya particular cooked dishes.

Totk Horse upgrade recipes consist of varieties of materials. However, the upgrade stat and level of the Horse depends on the cooked meal you offer.

Let’s explore how to upgrade Horses and what are some specific Horse upgrade recipes.

How To Upgrade Horse In Totk?

Before stepping out, remember that Endura Carrot is crucial to upgrade your Horse.

It is found in Satori Mountain at the coordinates (-2292, -0543, 0313). 

Follow the steps outlined below to upgrade your Horses in Totk;

  1. Navigate to Satori Mountain on the West of Central Hyrule.
Satori Mountain location
Navigate to the Satori Mountain location.
  1. Then, find and collect Endura Carrot.
Endura Carrot Rooted On The Ground
Endura Carrot Rooted on the Ground
  1. Then, head towards the Northeast of Central Hyrule to the Akkala Region.
  2. Offer the Endura carrot to the Malanya, the Horse God located North of East Akkala Stable opposite Bloodleaf Lake
offering the endura carrot
Offer the Endura Carrot to Malanya.
  1. Once you offer the Endura Carrot, Fairy Spring is revealed as Malanya’s Spring.
Malanya Spring as Fairy Spring
The Fairy Spring is revealed as Malanya’s Spring.
  1. Malanya features upgrading the several stats of Horses, which in turn asks for the cooked meals.
  2. The upgrade stat and level of the Horse depend on the cooked meal you offer to the Malanya.
  3. If you upgrade your Horse beyond 3 Stars, you must provide a veritable buffet of extravagant meals.
Types Of Meal for Horse
Types of meals per the Horse upgrade.
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What Are Totk Horse Upgrade Recipes?

Nevertheless, Malanya will provide you with the recipes when you sleep at a stable after meeting the Horse God for the first time.

You will need different recipes for different stat upgrades. Refer to the table below to look at Horse upgrade recipes.

StrengthFried Wild Greens Meal Recipe
SpeedThe Glazed Veggies and Steamed Tomatoes Recipe
StaminaVegetable Risotto, Carrot Stew and Cream of Vegetable Soup Recipe
PullCopious Wild Fried Greens and Veggie Porridge Recipe

Here’s the description of the materials required for each Horse upgrade recipe.

  1. The fried Wild Greens meal recipe consists of herbs, flowers or vegetables.
  2. The glazed Veggies recipe consists of the courser bee honey and any vegetable or flower.
  3. The steamed Tomatoes recipe consists of Hylian Tomato and any flower.
  4. The Vegetable Risotto recipe consists of Hylian rice, goat butter, rock salt, carrot, or pumpkin.
  5. Carrot Stew recipe consists of carrot, tabantha wheat, fresh milk and goat butter.
  6. The Cream of Vegetable Soup recipe consists of vegetables, herbs or flowers, fresh milk and rock salt.
  7. Copious Wild Fried Greens consist of a mix of 4 or more different vegetables.
  8. The Veggie Porridge recipe consists of vegetables, Hylian rice and fresh milk.

You need to feed these recipes three times a day per the stats requirement, whereas the recipe for the strength stat is to be fed once a day.

The Bottom Line

Horses offer an excellent opportunity to explore TotK’s expanded world and appreciate its panorama and mysteries.

Furthermore, certain ingredients are needed for each meal you can find in the wild or purchase from the store.

I hope this article aided you in making the Totk Horse upgrade recipes.

Continue reading to discover some best Sages to upgrade and the strongest fuse materials in TotK.
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