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10 Strongest Fuse Materials In the Legend of Zelda: TotK

If you are one of the ‘Zovers’ and love advancing in this game, then you must know about the strongest fuse materials in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK).

The strongest fuse materials in the Legend of Zelda: TotK include Silver Lynel Saver Horn, Silver Bokoblin Horns, Bomb Barrel, Gibdo horns, Bomb Flowers, Gemstones, Silver Moblin Horn, Ancient Blades, Black Boss Bokoblin Horns, and Zonai Devices.

However, be wary about fusing materials with the wrong weapon that does nothing.

Continue reading the article to discover some of the strongest fuse materials in TotK and their potential damage.

Why Farm Strongest Fuse Material In Totk?

Every Zelda game fanatic wants Link to defeat Ganondorf to rescue Princess Zelda and save Hyrule’s kingdom.

But, it may not be accessible without fuse materials.

Yes, you must fuse your weapons and Shields with the strongest fuse materials in TotK to advance through the game and defeat every possible villain.

Here’s a note to beginners: While “fuse materials” is not commonly used in games, it refers to materials used to enhance or strengthen items.

Therefore, you must farm the strongest fuse materials to advance the game, where each new step of the story will allow you to farm, obtain, or trade fuse materials.

TotK farm fuse materials
You must farm strong fuse materials to defeat the villain.

Some of the strongest fuse materials in TotK may include monster parts like Bokoblin Horn and Moblin Fang, dragon parts like Naydra’s or Farosh’s scale, and even gemstones and ancient materials, which can obtain or trade.

TotK trade buy fuse materials
You can trade or buy fuse materials along the mission. 

Each item boosts your weapon’s ability to do more damage and increase the damage bonus so you can gain new skills.

However, players often wonder which tends to be the strongest among the arrays of fuse materials available and whether they should farm them.

In fact, not all fuse materials are worth farming to gain strength, meaning they do not increase your weapon or Shield’s strength.

Some are hard-to-get monster parts, making collecting and fusing materials more appealing.

Nonetheless, you must fuse the strongest materials to your weapon to advance in the game and defeat the villains.

10 Strongest Fuse Materials In TotK

Fusing different materials allows you to improve stats like ATK and DEF significantly.

Therefore, you should be wary about materials that increase attack and defense abilities.

Remember, some fusion will only be temporary and may need refusing after the charge dies down, notably Master Sword.

It only has 60 attack power and breaks down after several uses, requiring fusing materials to increase its power and durability.

Anyway, here is the list of some of the strongest fuse materials in TotK for various weapons and Shields.

1. Silver Lynel Saber Horn

​​​​​​​The Silver Lynel Saber Horn is the best fuse material you can obtain from defeating Silver Lynels in the game.

Time boost0:40
Fuse withWeapon, arrow, and shiled
Other UsesElixir

A sharp and sturdy-looking horn has a +55 damage bonus and fuses with a weapon, arrow, or Shield, making it one of the strongest fuse materials.

Moreover, you can harness the monster parts to make around thirteen Elixir recipes, such as Fireproof Elixir, Electro Elixir, Hasty Elixir, etc.

The elixirs are additional abilities that give you certain powers, such as heat resistance, speed, shock resistance, etc.

However, it will be challenging to obtain this fuse material, requiring a brutal battle with the monsters.

2. Silver Bokoblin Horns

Silver Bokoblin Horn is another powerful fuse material in Totk, which can be obtained by defeating Silver Bokoblins and Stalkoblins.

Time boost0:40
Fuse withWeapon, arrow, and shiled
Other UsesElixir
Imagesilver bokoblin horn

It is a large, curved horn with a unique flourish on the top, but it’s sharper than it looks, making it one of the best Bokobin-based fuse materials.

You can attach it to a weapon, arrow, or Shield to increase attack power vastly (+33) or cook with a critter to make a potent elixir.

Meanwhile, you can sell it to merchants in exchange for money or items.

3. Bomb Barrel

Bomb Barrels are unique fuse materials you can find in the TotK universe, exponentially increasing damage to enemies.

Fuse withShield
Other UsesNone

These are commonly found at Bokoblin and Moblin camps.

However, be careful of fusing it onto your Shield and ensure nothing hits it while you clear the camp.

Zelda: TotK bom barrel
Bomb barrel is a unique yet strongest fuse material in TotK

You can easily fuse it to your Shield and carry out explosions in huge areas or enemies without damaging Link.

Although this fusion may look dubious at first, it works pretty well.

4. Bomb Flowers

Bomb flowers are one of the most dangerous weapons fuses in the TotK universe.

Like Bomb Barrel, it produces strong explosion damage, effective and versatile in battles and during exploration to destroy wooden boxes and ores.

Fuse withFuse element, arrow, and shield
Other UsesMix with other elements

Moreover, it adds +1 damage, and you can use it as an ingredient to make other recipes.

You can fuse it with an arrow to create a bomb arrow.

Similarly, you can fuse it with a Shield to add explosive damage to parry and use it as a weapon fuse effect.

If you are wondering, you can gather them while exploring in caves.

They can be super helpful if you do not have a rock or boulder weapon in your inventory.

5. Gibdo Horns

One of the most unconventional fuse materials found in TotK is the enemy drop, Gibdo bone.

Gibdo enemies that traverse dungeons and graveyards obtain a mysterious bone figure with multiple sharp tips.

Fuse withWeapon, arrow, and spear
Other UsesElixir

You can attach it to your weapon, preferably an arrow or spear, to significantly increase its damage output to +40.

However, because of its odd shape, it may break easily after each use, requiring fusing another Gibdo bone.

Remember, they are more effective when attached to arrows and can be fused to create elixirs.

6. Gemstones

Gemstones play various roles within the Zelda universe and boast many uses, from upgrading equipment, trading and using as currencies.

Fuse withWeapon, arrow, and shield
Other UsesTrading and currency

Fusing Gemstones with weapons will shoot different elemental orbs.

For example, fusing rubies with arrows shoots Fire, topaz shoots electricity, sapphire shoots ice, and opal shoots water.

You should hold onto gemstones and avoid selling them instantly so that you can infuse them with your weapon in time.

Moreover, when an enemy hits your Shield, the gemstone will turn your defense into offense by radiating out the damage.

Similarly, gems like opal and ruby are super helpful during the Zora quest line and the Wind Temple quest.

7. Silver Moblin Horn

Silver Moblin Horn is a rock-hard horn found after defeating Silver Moblins, Moblin Guts, and Moblin Fang.

Time boost0:40
Fuse withWeapons
Other UsesElixir

When attached to a weapon of your choice, it significantly increases its damage output by +33.

Additionally, you can cook it with a critter to create an elixir. However, it is rare to find because defeating Silver enemies is a rarity.

Although not as formidable as Silver Lynels, they are still equipped with significant attack power and 1,080 HP.

Here are the two prime coordinates where you can find Silver Moblin Horns: Cresia Pit Mine (3263, -3703, -0446) and Scorching Coliseum (2144, 3183, -0838).

8. Ancient Blades

One of the unique fuse materials in TotK is an ancient blade, which can become very powerful when fused with a weapon.

Unlike other fuse materials, enemies do not leave them behind as droppings.

Fuse withWeapons
Other UsesElixir

You could only find them in treasure chests, from an NPC in the Spirit Temple, and by scanning specific Amiibo.

Spirit temple in Zelda: TotK
Spirit temple in Zelda: TotK comes along the mission. 

When fused with a weapon, such as an arrow or spear, they add +50 damage. Similarly, the damage is doubled with a Gerudo or a wet Zora weapon.

However, they are only a one-hit wonder, meaning they will break after one use.

Optionally, you can use them to create Elixir to gain different abilities.

9. Black Boss Bokoblin Horns

Black Boss Bokoblin Horns can be obtained upon defeating the Black Boss Bokoblin and its Bokoblin minions.

Fuse withWeapons
Other UsesElixir

The leader of the Bokoblins is stronger than Blue Boss Bokoblin and boasts 47 ATK and 750 HP, making it difficult to defeat them.

Upon defeat, they leave a double-edged, axe-shaped horn wrapped around with leader bands.

You can attach them to your weapon of choice to boost its attack power up to +27.

Additionally, you can cook them with a critter to make an elixir of your choice.

You will likely find these monsters in East Necluda at coordinates (3878, -1912, 0001), between Lake Sumac and Walnut Mountain.

10. Zonai Devices

Zonai devices are not a single fuse material but many, which you can find throughout different missions.

In fact, these are Amiibo that will assist you with completing the mission.

Fuse withWeapons and Shields
Other UsesImprove functionaliy
Image (Beam emitter)

You can use them to fuse with your weapons and Shields to boost attack and defense or improve functionality.

For example, fusing a beam emitter with a weapon will shoot out strong beam energy, while fusing with a Shield radiates damage toward the enemies.

Similarly, you can find many useful Zonai devices in the game.

These devices include a cannon, rocket, frost emitter, flame emitter, mirror, shock emitter, sled, cart, homing cart, fan, etc.

One of the most exciting uses of the Zonai device is rockets which help you propel into the air and glide toward inaccessible places.

These handy devices lie around the Zelda universe or inside little Zonai capsules obtained from Device Dispensers.

The Bottom Line

Many other fuse materials may help upgrade equipment and crafts and boost special abilities in different missions.

Some other examples of helpful fuse materials include Amber, Frox Fang, dragon claws, puffshrooms, and eyeballs.

Therefore, keep exploring Zelda’s universe to find the strongest fuse materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Significance Of The Triforce In The Zelda?

The Triforce is a powerful artifact consisting of three golden triangles representing the virtues of Power, Wisdom, and Courage.

Whoever possesses the complete Triforce is believed to gain the power to shape the world, hence the entire mission.

What Are Some Rare Or Elusive Fuse Materials In TotK?

There are several rare fuse materials found in the Zelda universe that can significantly enhance weapons and equipment.

Examples include the “Stalnox Skull,” a rare drop from defeating the powerful skeletal Stalnox enemy.

Another example is “Star Fragment,” which falls from the sky and is said to possess mystical properties.

Are There Mythical Fuse Materials In TotK With An Intriguing Backstory?

The series features some legendary fuse materials with intriguing stories.

For instance, the “Dragon Scales” and “Dragon Horns” are rare materials obtained by interacting with powerful dragons, such as Dinraal, Naydra, and Farosh.

They possess ancient power and can be fused with specific equipment to grant special abilities or elemental properties.

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