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TotK – How To Reach Dragon Head Island During Storm?

Developed by Nintendo, Zelda Tears of The Kingdom brings various Islands and dungeons for the players to explore.

Players in TotK must travel to Dragon Head Island to start the Fifth Sage quest. However, getting there is difficult, and the players must properly clear a Storm. But, there is a method to get to Dragon Head Island without interacting with the Storm.

Continue reading to learn how to get to the Dragon Head Island during Storm and what you can obtain there.

What Is Dragon Head Island Storm In TotK?

The Storm surrounds the Dragon Head Island in Tears of the Kingdom.

Furthermore, this Storm hinders the player’s ability to get to the Island properly.

Additionally, the Storm can block the player’s vision and cause the player to lose their way.

If you open the world map of Hyrule and change it to a Sky View map, you will see a large Storm at the bottom and Dragon Head Island underneath the large Storm.

How To Get To Dragon Head Island In Totk?

Players can get to Dragon Head Island in two ways.

One of the ways is after clearing the Storm around the Island, and the other is without clearing the Storm. Here, we will discuss both methods.

Method 1: Without Clearing The Storm

  1. First, you must reach the Great Sky Island at these coordinates 0389,-1791,2336.
Great Sky Island In TotK
Players need to get to the Great Sky Island in TotK.
  1. After you reach the Great Sky Island, Glide towards Dragon Head Isles.
Gliding Towards Thunderhead Isle TotK
Glide towards Thunderhead Isle.
  1. Furthermore, while gliding, make sure you have enough stamina food to replenish your stamina.
  2. Then, as you keep gliding, you can move past Thunderhead Isle and come across another Island.
Thunderhead Isle In Totk
Glide through Thunderhead Isle in TotK.
  1. After you get closer to the Island, slowly drop down to an opening there.
  2. Here, you will come across the Joku-U shrine.
Joku-U Shrine Inside Dragon Head Island In Totk
Joku-U Shrine Inside Dragon Head Island In Totk.
  1. Finally, you are inside Dragon Head Island.
Reaching DragonHead Island TotK
Reaching Dragon Head Island in TotK.

Furthermore, players can use other flying tools if they do not want to use a glider to keep going toward the Island.

They can also use an air bike and go to the Island. However, players will need ample Zonaite batteries to get to the Island.

Method 2: After Clearing The Storm

  1. First, players must clear the Storm area around the Island by completing the quest “Secret of the Ring Ruins.
  2. After the players complete the quest, they must go to Popla Foothills Skyview Tower.
Popla Foothills Skyview Tower In TotK.
You must reach Popla Foothills Skyview Tower In TotK.
  1. Then, glide towards Thunderhead Isles from the Skyview Tower.
Gliding Towards ThunderHead Isles In TotK.
Glide towards Thunder Head Isles in TotK
  1. However, players must Ascend through downward-facing pillars in this method to get to Dragonhead Island.
Use Ascend In TotK
Use Ascend to reach Dragon Head Island In TotK.
  1. Furthermore, players must aim to reach the highest point possible using this method and head southeast.
  2. Finally, players will reach Dragonhead Island at coordinates 1377,-3342,0429 through this method.
DragonHead Island ToTK.
Players will reach Dragonhead Island.

Furthermore, these are the two methods players can use to reach Thunderhead Island.

The main reason to reach Thunderhead Island In Totk is specifically to start the Mineru’s Mask quest to obtain the Fifth sage.

However, players can also interact with a goddess statue on the Island.

This statue allows the players to trade their Lights of Blessings for various rewards.

The Bottom Line

The Dragonhead Island is one of many Islands within the world of Zelda.

However, like every Island, even Dragonhead Island holds its quests, rewards and mysteries.

Hopefully, this article can help you get to the Island and start your journey toward getting the fifth sage in Zelda.

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