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Navigating Frontier Ship Storage In Starfield

Starfield is an upcoming single-player open-world action RPG game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.

Set in the year 2330, it takes place in an original science-fiction universe.

Additionally, the game follows a character who joins Constellation, an organization looking to colonize unexplored worlds.

You can increase your Frontier ship storage in Starfield by purchasing cargo expansion modules from ship technicians at major settlements. To do so, you can add modules to available upgrade slots on your ship hull and advance in skill levels or acquire larger base storage ships to optimize your storage capacity.

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What Is The Frontier Ship In Starfield?

The Frontier is the starting ship that all players begin their adventures within Starfield.

It is a versatile multipurpose vessel well-suited for various roles like trading, combat, mining, and exploration.

The Frontier comes pre-installed with basic components like living quarters, a cockpit, an engine, and other systems needed to survive in deep space.

frontier ship starfield
The Frontier is the starting ship that all players begin their adventures within Starfield.

Additionally, it provides players mobility to travel between planets and space stations as they embark on their journey across the stars.

The Frontier’s storage capacity comes from two components – a 350-unit ballast cargo hold located at the rear and a 100-unit storage compartment integrated into the cockpit area, totaling 450 units of space.

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The Frontier Ship Storage In Starfield

Out of the box, the Frontier ship has a total storage capacity of 450 units split between its ballast hold and cockpit storage.

While sufficient for early-game needs, savvy players will want to expand beyond this baseline amount as they acquire more gear and collectibles on their adventures.

You can not upgrade the Frontier’s stock storage components.

Therefore, players must increase capacity which requires installing additional modules.

By visiting ship technicians at major settlements, you can purchase cargo expansion modules of various sizes and attach them to open mounting points on the ship hull.

However, larger modules unlock at higher levels, allowing storage to scale up to thousands of units through careful module application.

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Access The Frontier Ship Storage In Starfield

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to access the Frontier ship storage in Starfield:

  1. Ensure your Frontier ship is parked at a landing pad, docking bay, or other designated ship parking area. This can be at major settlements, outposts, or space stations.
  2. Approach your Frontier ship and interact with it using the designated button prompt (usually E on PC, X on Xbox).
  3. This will open the ship interface menu. There will be several options: Launch, Ship Builder, and Storage.
  4. Select the “Storage” option. This will open your ship’s cargo storage interface.
  5. Here you will see all stored items sorted into categories like Weapons, Armor, Aid, Junk, etc. across the top.
frontier storage starfield
All stored items are sorted into categories like Weapons, Armor, Aid, Junk, etc. across the top.
  1. Below the categories is the total storage capacity of your Frontier in numbers (e.g. 450/450 units used).
  2. In the center panel are all stored items. Here, you can view stats and move items between storage and your personal inventory.
  3. On the right are quick access slots to equip frequently used weapons and armor from storage directly.
  4. Use the bumpers or scroll wheel to navigate between stored pages if your items don’t all fit on one screen.
  5. With the transfer button prompt, you can move items between storage and personal inventory.
  6. You can drop unwanted items or sell them directly from storage using the designated buttons.
  7. After managing storage, press the Back or Confirm button to close the interface and return to the ship menu.
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How To Increase Frontier Ship Storage?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to increase the storage capacity of the Frontier ship in Starfield:

  1. Locate a ship technician at a major settlement like a spaceport, outpost, or colony.
  2. Approach the ship technician and interact to open their trade menu.
  3. Select the “Ship Modifications” option. This will open the shipbuilder interface.
  4. Your Frontier ship will be displayed in the shipbuilder with available upgrade slots highlighted.
  5. Select the “Storage” category tab on the right side menu.
  6. This will display all available cargo module upgrades sorted by storage size.
  7. Modules range from 150-700+ units each and have different credit costs.
  8. Higher-level modules with more storage unlock as you progress.
  9. Select the module you want to purchase then confirm purchase.
  10. The module will now appear in your inventory at the bottom.
  11. Drag and drop the module icon onto an available upgrade slot on your Frontier.
  12. Confirm placement and your storage capacity will instantly increase by the module amount.
  13. Repeat steps 7-11 to purchase and install multiple modules for maximum storage.
  14. You can remove and replace the modules later if desired without penalty.
  15. Your increased storage total can now be accessed via the ship as usual.

By following these 15 steps, players can systematically expand their Frontier’s cargo capacity through careful module application at any ship technician location.

Alternative Ways To Increase Your Ship Storage

Beyond installing cargo modules through ship technicians, a few other methods in Starfield can boost ship storage capacity over time.

Moreover, improving the Starship Design skill passively increases the maximum limit for all ships by 50% at its highest rank.

Purchasing an entirely new ship with a larger base storage size also increases capacity.

However, certain late-game technologies may grant additional storage enhancements through research and crafting.

Players can optimize storage potential through a combination of module upgrades, ship purchases, and skill progression tailored to their playstyle and phase of the game.

The Bottom Line

Players have full control over customizing their ship’s storage capacity in Starfield through various options available, like cargo modules, new ships, and developing skills.

You can access your ship’s storage in Starfield by ensuring your Frontier ship is parked at a designated ship parking area.

By approaching and interacting with the ship, open the ship interface menu and select the “Storage” option to manage your collected gear and resources.

Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you will be able to access and increase your Frontier ship storage in Starfield.

Happy Gaming!

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