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Rogue Company Shutting Down On Nintendo Switch

Rogue Company announced that it is shutting down the game on the Nintendo Switch platform.

This decision has left the gaming communities speechless as they can’t play their favorite multiplayer shooter game.

Rogue Company has given its statement about shutting down the game on the Nintendo Switch platform. This decision was taken after Rogue Company’s Switch Port did not meet the developer’s standards and affected the game’s development for other platforms such as Xbox, Playstation, and PC.

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Rogue Company Shutting Down 

Rogue Company, known for its dynamic gameplay and cross-platform compatibility has decided to shut down its Nintendo Switch.

As the Rogue company has announced this decision, it has created turmoil in the gaming communities.

Many players are furious and are ranting about the Rogue Company’s decision to shut down the game.

rogue company shutting down
Rogue Company has provided its notice on Shutting down the game for Nintendo Switch.

Rogue Company announced this statement on Twitter / X, and many players are concerned about the game’s future.

Players around the globe are asking for the reason behind shutting down the game on Nintendo Switch.

Likewise, the Rogue company has responded that they are not satisfied with the performance of Rogue Company on Nintendo Switch.

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Reason Behind Shutting Rogue Company

According to the official statement, Nintendo Switch did not meet the developer’s standard for hosting the Rogue Company.

This is the primary reason for shutting down the Rogue Company for the Nintendo Switch platform.

Moreover, developers stated that the compromise in the performance hindered the overall gaming performance of the Switch players.

This in turn affects the overall game development for other platforms like Xbox, Playstation, and PC.

Similarly, developers believe that shutting down the Rogue Company for Nintendo Switch allows them to focus on other platforms..

Developer’s Perspective: Impact On Switch Players

Nintendo Switch players are furious after hearing the news that they can no longer play the game.

Most of the users are expressing their frustration in gaming communities regarding this issue.

However, users should not worry if they have already bought the game on Nintendo Switch. 

Moreover, Rogue Company encourages the Nintendo Switch layers to link their accounts to other platforms to safeguard their progress.

rogue company shutting down
A complete response from the developer regarding the discontinuation of the Rogue Company.

The developers have apologized for the decisions as they were forced to discontinue the Rogue Company for Nintendo Switch.

The Bottom Line

The decision by Rogue Company to shut down its services for the Nintendo Switch has disheartened the Switch Players.

Developers have to face these challenges as the gaming industry evolves to provide a seamless gaming experience across multiple platforms.

Even if the game has discontinued the Nintendo Switch version, users can now enjoy the elevated gaming experience on other platforms.

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