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Travel To The Overland For Constellation Tower Quest In Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, players must travel to the black garden of Overland to begin the Constellation Tower quest.

The Constellation Tower quest is the process of finding the hidden message and creating the constellation tower in the sky.

In Destiny 2, you must travel to the Overland and complete the starcrossed mission of approaching the structure in legend difficulty. Next, you must find a celestial anomaly which is the beam of light, and reveal the message to create a constellation tower in the sky.

Continue reading to learn more about completing the Constellation quest by traveling to the Overland in Destiny 2.

Travel To The Overland Quest In Destiny 2

Traveling to the overland is a mission in a new quest called the Constellation Tower in Destiny 2.

Furthermore, Constellation Tower is one of the eight quests in the Season of the Wish in Destiny 2.

In this quest, you must travel to the overland within the Exotic mission called Starcrossed.

In addition, this quest is for the first catalyst refit for the wish keeper exotic bow.

To begin the Constellation Tower quest you must find the celestial anomaly in the black garden.

1. Complete The Starcrossed Mission

First, you must complete the Starcrossed mission on legend difficulty to start the Constellation quest.

Then,  you must approach the structure to complete the starcrossed mission.

The structure is in the black garden of the Overland in Destiny 2 which is surrounded by enemies.

So you will have to defeat all of the enemies to complete the task to approach the structure.

However, defeating all enemies requires a strategic approach so it is best if you get the intrinsic upgrade for your weapons.

2. Find The Hidden Chest To Upgrade The Snareweaver II 

To get the intrinsic upgrade, you must open the hidden chest in the zone where you encountered the Falancs.

Furthermore, pick up the obligation buff from the white pole to find the hidden chest.

The next step is to jump in the yellow pool where you will get crowned by dragon’s buff.

Snareweaver ii upgrade
Go to the cave that is beyond the waterfall to find a hidden chest that has upgrades for the Snareweaver II weapon in Overland.

Moreover, you will spot a waterfall in the area so go through the waterfall which leads to the cave with the hidden chest.

Open the hidden chest to get the Snareweaver II weapon upgrade in Destiny 2.

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How To Complete The Constellation Tower Quest In Overland?

During your journey to the overland, you must approach the starcrossed structure by investigating your surroundings.

reveal hidden message
You must reveal the hidden message within the cliff of the Overland to make the stars spawn in the sky.

You must find a glowing beam of white light that reveals a message to start a new objective of the Constellation Tower.

1. Reveal The Hidden Message

The glowing beam of white light is the first celestial anomaly of the Constellation tower quest in Destiny 2.

Furthermore, the celestial anomaly reveals the message so get to the top of the cliff to find it. 

Hence, press E to reveal the message and this will trigger the game to show a surge of light making its way to the sky.

2. Shoot The Wish Keeper Bow At The Stars

Your job is to equip the Wish Keeper exotic bow and shoot it directly at the white ball of light in the sky.

As you shoot the crossbow directly at the first ball of light, two new balls of light will appear.

So if you shoot your wish keeper bow at the two balls of light, it will start forming a constellation.

3. Create A Constellation Of Tower

You must create a constellation of a tower in the sky with the help of your wishkeeper bow.

So shoot at the first star to trigger a bunch of stars in the sky to form a tower.

Every time you shoot your crossbow at the stars, they will keep joining lines to take the shape of a tower.

Create constellation tower
Shoot at each star that shows up in the sky with the wishkeeper bow to make a constellation tower in Destiny 2.

Hence, you must shoot them in a particular order that they glow to make the stars connect.

Once you finish shooting at each star, it will finally take the shape of a tower which is the constellation tower in Destiny 2.

4. Defeat All The Hostiles To Finish The Quest

Once the constellation tower is formed, you can collect the inscription from the beam of light at the top of the rocks.

Hence, this will complete the task of making the constellation tower and progress you to the next step of the quest.

Another step of the Constellation Tower quest is to complete the exotic mission Starcrossed on Legend difficulty.

You can complete the Constellation tower quest after defeating all the hostiles in the legend difficulty mode.

The Bottom Line

You must travel to the Overland in Destiny 2 to find the first celestial anomaly in the black garden.

Once you find the celestial anomaly, you can complete the Constellation quest by creating the constellation of a tower in the sky.

Moreover, during this quest, you have the chance to upgrade your weapons as the black garden in Overland has two hidden chests.

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