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How To Reset Tree Of Whispers In Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 is the successor of the beloved Diablo 3.

The game provides players with various classes to choose from and tackles the ever-growing dangers of Sanctuary.

The Tree of Whispers can grant players various rewards for completing different quests it lays out for the players. However, it seems the Tree sometimes resets, and players cannot manually reset it as they please.

Continue reading to learn how to play and reset the Tree of Whispers in Diablo 4.

What Is Tree Of Whispers In Diablo 4?

Tree of Whispers is an endgame system in Diablo 4. Players can interact with the Tree to obtain various quests that will yield various rewards for completing the quests.

Furthermore, Tree of Whispers is a great medium for players to obtain extra Gold, Experience and even legendary items and aspects.

Thus, players tend to interact with the Tree to obtain various loot for their builds.

Tree Of Whispers In Diablo 4
Tree of Whispers is a great medium for players to obtain rewards.

However, players tend to do the Tree of Whispers quests mainly for the renown than other rewards that the Tree provides the player.

Furthermore, players can find the Tree of Whispers North of Hawezar.

Likewise, players will need to fight some strong foes to get there.

The area contains various sirens and many monsters affected by the plague-like condition around Hawezar.

What Rewards Can You Obtain From Tree Of Whispers?

Players interacting with the Tree of Whispers can obtain various caches as rewards.

These rewards can contain normal to rare items and, in certain cases, they can also contain Legendary items.

However, players cannot obtain any unique items from the Tree.

Thus, this can be a good source for a few endgame rare or legendary items by not a good source for Unique items.

Grim Favor Rewards From Tree Of Whispers In Diablo 4
Grim Favor rewards from Tree of Whispers in Diablo 4.

How To Reset Tree Of Whispers In Diablo 4?

Players cannot manually reset the Tree of Whispers in Diablo 4. However, the Tree resets on its own every hour.

Furthermore, players need to obtain a currency known as Grim Favors to obtain the Tree’s rewards.

Additionally, the Grim Favors that the players have before the reset of Tree of Whispers do not reset even after the Tree Resets.

Thus, this means that if the player has around 20 Grim Favors before the Tree of Whisper resets, they will have 20 Grim Favors even after the reset.

What Are Grim Favors In Diablo 4?

Grim Favors are a currency item the players can obtain after completing the quests provided by the Tree of Whispers.

Furthermore, the higher the amount of Grim Favors the player has, the better rewards they can obtain from the Tree of Whispers.

Additionally, players can obtain most of the offerings from the Tree of Whispers with 10 Grim Favors.

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The Bottom Line

Players are unable to reset the Tree of Whispers manually. However, the Tree of Whispers resets on its own.

Thus players should complete all the tree quests before the reset.

Hopefully, this article can help you understand what the function of the Tree of Whisper is and how it resets.

Keep reading and learn more if Tree of Whispers drops a unique item.
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