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Can Tree Of Whispers Drop Uniques In Diablo 4?

Players in any roleplaying game want to build defining unique items. This is no different with the players of Diablo 4 as well.

However, the players of Diablo 4 are trying to find ways to be efficient with the unique item-farming strategy.

Players of Diablo 4 can interact with an endgame system known as The Tree Of Whispers. The Tree gives various quests for the players to complete, and as a result, they can get rewards.

Furthermore, players can obtain items from the Tree, some of which are legendary gears, but can some be unique items as well?

Continue reading to learn where you can find the Tree of Whispers and does it drop uniques.

What Is Tree Of Whispers In Diablo 4?

The Tree of Whispers is a giant Tree located in Sanctuary. Furthermore, it is a major part of the endgame for Diablo 4.

Additionally, the Tree provides players with various objectives and bounties.

Moreover, this system is similar to one of the most popular MMORPGs, Lost Ark.

Tree Of Whispers In-Game Diablo 4
Tree of Whispers can provide you with rewards.

Players can find the Tree of Whispers in the swamp region of Hawezar, Sanctuary.

Additionally, Hawezar is close to the Backwater Town, and the area surrounding the Tree and the town is putrid and rotting.

When the players first come across the Tree of Whispers, they will notice various heads hanging from the Trees.

Furthermore, these heads give the players the tasks they need to complete to earn rewards.

After the players complete a specific chapter of the main questline, an endgame system named “Whispers Of The Dead” unlocks.

What Are Whispers Of The Dead In Diablo 4?

After the players complete a specific chapter in the main questline, players can see various Whispers scattered around Sanctuary that have a link to the Tree of Whispers.

Furthermore, after the player completes the task of the Whispers, the players obtain experience points, Gold and Grim Favors.

Additionally, players can obtain Nightmare sigils as well.

Tree Of Whispers Progression In Diablo 4.
Tree of Whispers Progression in Diablo 4.
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What Rewards Can You Get From Tree Of Whispers?

After players complete the given task by the Tree Of Whispers, they will earn Grim Points.

Here is a tale of objectives and their Grim Points;

Whisper ObjectiveGrim Favor Amount
Cellars1 Grim Favor Point
Defeat Enemies1 Grim Favor Point
Events 1 Grim Favor Point
Find Corpses1 Grim Favor Point
Extract Seeds Of Hatred3 Grim Favor Points
Invoke Rituals3 Grim Favor Points
Legion Events3 Grim Favor Points
Harvest Enemy Resources3 Grim Favor Points
Dungeons 5 Grim Favor Points
Boss Kill (PVP)5 Grim Favor Points
World Boss Kill5 Grim Favor Points

Furthermore, players advise new players to Go to Fields of Hatred in the Dry Steppes and do the extraction tasks if they get that area marked as a Whisper.

Moreover, the players will need only to kill one mob and bring the seeds it drops to the Tree of Whispers.

This will yield the players an easy 3 Grim Favor Points.

However, this is only to make the tasks easier and not a mandatory task the players must do.

Furthermore, the Tree Of Whispers provides three different collection boxes.

These collection boxes give the players Gold, Gems, Crafting Materials, a chance to obtain Nightmare sigils, and a gear of the corresponding slot.

Rewards Obtainable From Tree Of Whispers In Diablo 4.
Rewards obtainable from Tree Of Whispers in Diablo 4.

However, there is a chance that the collection box can contain a Greater Collection box, which can contain legendary items or higher.

Can Tree Of Whispers Drop Uniques In Diablo 4?

The answer to Can Tree Of Whispers drop unique items is vague because the greater collection box can contain items of legendary grade or higher.

However, there have been no claims that the Greater collection box drops uniques.

Thus, it may be safe to say that the Tree Of Whispers does not drop unique items.

The Bottom Line

Tree Of Whispers is a great way to boost your gear score in the endgame because of the Great Collection box obtainable from the Tree.

However, the Tree will not provide players with unique items that can be build-defining.

Hopefully, this article can help you find The Tree Of Whispers and interact with it to obtain various items for your journey in Sanctuary.

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