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Ready Or Not: Are AI Enemies Too Hard?

Ready Or Not is the most anticipated tactical shooter game that has sparked a lively discussion regarding AI difficulty.

In Ready Or Not, most players have expressed concern regarding the game’s AI level changes, as it is too hard for them to cope with it.

In Ready Or Not, several players have reported that the Enemy AI is too hard to encounter because of their maximum accuracy and aggression. Many players are demanding adjustments to the game’s AI behavior, expressing concerns regarding their superhuman reflexes and difficulty levels.

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 AI Enemies In Ready Or Not: An Overview 

Recently the game has brought its new update where it has set the AI enemies level to its maximum.

Similarly, most players have expressed their concerns regarding the difficulty level of the AI enemies.

Ai Enemies In Ready Or not
A player is battling with AI enemies in Ready or Not.

AI Enemies are the powerful bots found in almost every location on the map, emerging as the obstacle between you and your goal.

While some players find the AI Enemies to the exhilarating challenges, others argue that their aggressive nature and accuracy are unfair.

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Community Discussion Regarding AI Enemies

After generalizing the discussions in several communities, the opinion on Ready Or Not Enemy AI is divided.

Some players praise the challenging nature of the game and are willing to engage in any difficulties.

If you want to pursue the challenge, then navigate to places like Greased Palms and Neon Tomb for an immersive experience.

Upon reaching these areas, players can finally experience the true nature of the AI enemies making them too hard to battle with.

On the other hand, there are a significant number of people who are complaining about the AI Difficulty level.

They are expressing frustration regarding AI Enemy’s relentless accuracy and aggression, making it too hard to defeat them.

Players felt extreme difficulties encountering the AI Enemies, particularly in the Larger Maps like Postal Office and Brisa.

Majority Of Concerns For AI Enemies In Ready Or Not

As AI has raised lively discussion and its challenges, the players have suggested several strategies.

While looking at the discussion in forums, only a minority believes in maintaining the current difficulty level.

They believe that, with hard challenges, they can emphasize the need for precise tactics and cooperation.

While they argue that the game is designed to be challenging, a majority believe that the AI enemies are too hard.

AI Enemy Encounter
Players can follow the AI Enemy in Ready Or Not.

These players believe that the game should call for adjustments to AI’s behavior and abilities as it presents extreme difficulty.

Due to the superhuman reflexes and the accuracy rate of the AI Enemy, players have to experience unrealistic gameplay.

Moreover, defeating these AI Enemies for a new tactical shooter solo player is nearly an impossible task.

Moreover, players feel that the AI should exhibit more realistic behaviors, such as surrendering, taking hostage, or showing signs of fear.

How To Defeat AI Enemies In Ready Or Not?

While there is a significant discussion on AI’s challenges, developers can delve into the several solution methods

They can propose different difficulty modes, allowing players to choose easy mode for solo players and hard mode for co-op.

Similarly, developers can refine the AI’s behavior by introducing more varied responses such as taking hostages, threatening civilians, etc.

Moreover, players can also try using mods like “No Crack For AI” to minimize the AI’s accuracy and aggression.

Enabling these mods provides alternative experiences by making the AI enemies less aimbot and not too hard.

The Bottom Line

In Ready Or Not, players have engaged in a lively discussion regarding the difficulty level of the AI Enemies.

As some players praise the game’s intense challenges, others have expressed their concerns regarding the AI’s aggressiveness and accuracy.

It would be better if AI exhibited more realistic behaviors, such as surrendering, taking hostage, or showing signs of fear.

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