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Tree Of Whispers Best Reward: Choose The Right Collection

The mysterious and creepy Tree of Whispers is a key character in the main story.

It is also a source of endless quests and rewards to help you gear up and challenge yourself.

However, not all rewards are equal, and choosing the right collection can make a big difference in your progress.

If you want the best reward from the Tree of Whispers, go for the Greater Collection. It will give you a Legendary item or something even better.

This article will guide you in choosing the best reward for your needs and goals, depending on your character level, gear quality, crafting options and endgame activities.

What Is Tree Of Whispers?

The Tree of Whispers is a giant tree located in Sanctuary that gives you access to the Whispers of the Dead endgame system in Diablo 4.

This giant tree gives various quests to the players, and as a result, they can get rewards.

Collections from the Tree of Whispers are rewards you can get by completing Whispers of the Dead bounties.

Tree Of Whispers In-Game Diablo 4
You can get various rewards from the Tree of Whispers.

These bounties are random quests that spawn worldwide and give you Grim Favors when you complete them.

Then, you can turn it in at the Tree of Whispers to receive rewards such as gold, gems, materials, items and Nightmare Dungeon Sigils.

You can exchange Grim Favors for Collections of items that contain different types of rewards.

Note: You must earn 10 Grim Favors from completing Whispers of the Dead bounties around the map.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Collection

Collections can be used for various purposes, such as displaying, preserving, studying, or selling items.

Choosing a collection can be challenging, as there are many factors to consider before deciding.

The following factors are important for deciding on a Collection:

1. Collection Type

There are two types of Collections, Normal and Greater.

Greater Collection contains a Legendary item or higher quality, while Normal ones have a chance of containing one.

Rewards Obtainable From Tree Of Whispers In Diablo 4.
You can obtain rewards from Tree Of Whispers in Diablo 4.

Similarly, Greater Collections are usually better than Normal Collections unless you are looking for a specific item slot that the Greater Collection does not offer.

2. Item Slot

Each Collection contains items for a specific gear slot, such as Helm, Chest, Weapon, etc.

You should choose the Collection that matches the gear slot you need to upgrade or fits your build.

For example, choose a Weapon Collection if you want a weapon with a certain Legendary Aspect.

3. Other Rewards

A collection of Chaos is one of the possible rewards you can get from the Tree of Whispers.

It is a  rare reward cache that contains items for the Chaos gear slot.

Furthermore, it gives you Gold, Gems, Crafting Materials etc.

These rewards can help you with other aspects of the game, such as upgrading your items, crafting new ones, or accessing Nightmare Dungeons.

It would be best to consider these rewards’ value when choosing a Collection.

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Best Rewards From The Tree Of Whispers

The best reward after reaching the Tree of Whispers depends on your preferences and goals.

Generally, it would be best to prioritize Greater Collections over Normal, as they contain high-quality and mythical items.

When opened, they consistently reward a guaranteed Legendary item with unique effects called Aspects.

Additionally, when choosing a Collection, you should always consider the item slot you need to upgrade or fit your build.

If you want to get started with Nightmare Dungeons, you might want to choose a Collection that contains a Sigil.

Moreover, if you want to upgrade your gear, you might want to choose a Collection that contains items for your desired slot.

Also, if you want to craft or enchant items, you might choose a Collection containing materials.

Note: You should always go for Greater Collections when they appear as a reward, as they are the best option irrespective of the gear type.

The Bottom Line

Different players may prefer different Tree of Whispers rewards based on the type of gear they need.

I always recommend you prioritize Greater Collection rewards.

If there’s no other choice, you can pick Normal Caches, which still reward you with a solid amount of gear, Gems, Gold, Upgrade materials etc.

Happy hunting, and find the best reward from the Tree of Whispers!

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